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Super Bowl without history. The home team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, dominated the defending champions the Kansas City Chiefs: 31-9. The absolute star of the evening was the quarterback, the director, Tom Brady, 43, for the seventh time winner of the trophy, for the fifth best player of the season. His rival, Patrick Mahomes, 25, fell short of his standards and failed to repeat last year’s feat when he took the Chiefs who hadn’t won in 50 years to the top podium. The Bucs were relentless in the defensive phase. Then Brady relied on the two arrows Rob Gronkowski and Leonard Fournette to pierce the Chiefs line-up. Halfway through the race, the discussion is already closed: Tampa Bay leads 21-6. the consecration of Brady, the best of all time announces excitedly the commentators of CBS. Not long ago he declared himself a very good friend of Donald Trump. Domenica, on the tribune remained in its gilded perimeter, lifting the trophy together with the three children, two of whom had with his wife, Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen, 40 years. It also went well for Sara Thomas, 47, the first woman to join the referee team in a final of American football, the most popular sport.

Super Bowl, Tom Brady and his 7 titles under the microscope: the last is the most beautiful
No NFL team like him
And topics

But the Super Bowl is also an opportunity to probe the mood of the country a little. To record, for example, who goes up and who goes down in society, in pop culture. In recent years, the bulky profile of The Donald. The 55th edition, on the other hand, simply ignored it. The whole event followed only two tracks, dictated by the NFL itself, the National football league: the Covid emergency and the protests of the African American community. In one of the many commercials, the organization announced that it had invested $ 250 million in anti-racism initiatives. Too bad for that Colin Kaepernick, the champion who carried the claims of the black people to the green lawn, kneeling during the performance of the hymn, is still expelled from 2017. There was much anticipation for the performance of Amanda Gorman, the 22-year-old poet became an absolute celebrity, complete with a cover this week on Time. On January 20, he had read his verses at the inauguration of the presidency of Joe Biden. Last night she stepped onto the podium again, wearing a pearl necklace used as a hair clip and a long blue overcoat decorated with white inserts.

The tribute to the front line of the fight against Covid

The immense television audience. The first estimate approx 100 million Americans, plus at least another 30 million worldwide. 25,000 spectators sit on the stands of Raymond James Stadium in Tampa (Florida) spaced by another 30,000 cardboard shapes. About 7,000 are nurses, doctors, or first-line rescuers in the fight against Covid 19. All invited by the NFL. And to them, the essential workers, who dedicated it Chorus the Captains, the short poem by Amanda Gorman. The characters chosen are Trimaine Davis, a teacher; Suzie Dorner, head nurse at a Tampa hospital and a veteran of the marine, James Martin. It is worth reporting at least the beginning of the poem, which we try to translate hoping not to do too much damage: Let’s walk with these warriors, take charge of these champions, and convey the message of our captains. We celebrate them, with action. With courage and passion, doing what is right and right. Because while we honor them today, they honor us every day.

Lo show

The other moment that normally sets the tone for the Super Bowl is the halftime show. Twenty minutes of exhibition of the Canadian singer Weeknd (his real name Abel Makkonen Tesfaye), winner of three Grammy Awards and known around the world for his Can’t feel my face. The show was pleasant, with beautiful sets, with a great display of dancers, fireworks and games with lights. Nothing to do, however, with the explosiveness of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira in 2020 or Beyonc in 2016. Many spectators are more intrigued by the commercials than by the stages of the match. the pivotal event of the advertising season: a space of 30 seconds costs more than $ 5 million. Directors and creatives prepare new clips, often small jewels. This year, however, some companies, such as Budweiser, Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola, have made it known that they have hijacked the resources to advertise the vaccination campaign. When Trump left the White House, the commercials with a political message. The first announcement of the app Robinhood, protagonist of the mass raids on the Stock Exchange on the GameStop title. The 5 seconds purchased from the platform are also curious Reddit, involved in the same operations on Wall Street: If you are reading this notice, it means it was worth it. The commercials in the big games are very expensive and we couldn’t buy one. The list of stars mobilized is very long. We draw one: Bruce Springsteen driving a Jeep invites Americans to meet in the middle, in the middle. the most recognizable echo of the new course with Joe Biden in charge: no more divisions, let’s go back to talking to each other, to meet in fact.

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