The vote of the 5 Stars on Draghi is a meaningless liturgy-

Be the liturgy counts more than a government of national salvation, i Five stars they have a huge problem.

And indeed. It was an announced passage, born of the urgent need to avoid a definitive implosion. But even net of the current M5S convulsions, the use of Rousseau platform to decide on the future government Draghiremains a staging.

In the 2018 political elections, the M5S won the favor of 10,732,066 Italians. When there was the green light to the pact with the League, 44,796 members voted on Rousseau, while the following year there were 79,364 members to express their opinion on the Giallorossi alliance. Today as then, a question of method.

Can a few tens of thousands of people really decide on an issue that affects the whole country? And the others? Not to mention the fact that the M5S has already given its convinced self to join the new executive, complete with a wish list drawn up by Beppe Grillo in person.

That appearance matters more than substance is also proven by the times. On Thursday evening, when the result is known, Mario Draghi’s consultations should be underway. Its official program is not yet known. Not just a question of institutional etiquette. Either the moment we are experiencing really dramatic, or we joked.

The truth is that the vote on Rousseau serves once again to certify a choice already made, which goes against every principle of the M5S, as we have known it. But this is precisely what leaders and political leaders are for. It is they who must take responsibility for explaining to all their constituents the reasons for a change. Not how to express a preference for a candidate of the Movement for the city council.

Online voting on issues that determine the same identity as M5S continues to be a fig leaf. Just yesterday the same parliamentarians chosen through consultation on Rousseau challenged its legitimacy, defining it a private, sometimes unreliable platform.

And now, as if by magic, it returns to being a wonderful instrument of direct democracy. Come on, not even in kindergarten.

February 8, 2021 (change February 8, 2021 | 23:38)


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