“Walter a perfect dad, they use him for visibility” – Corriere.it

The Walter Zenga case continues and the failure to reconcile with their children in the studio of Barbara d’Urso. This time it was Elvira Carfagna who inaugurated the story, first wife of the former goalkeeper of Inter and the national team, answering a question about Roberta Termali, the second wife: “She pretended to be my friend and then got engaged to my husband Walter,” she said.

But to clarify the story of the relationship between Zenga and the children, the third spouse, Raluca Rebedea, in connection from Dubai thought about it: “I found it unfair that public opinion could think that Walter had been a bad father or a cold and detached person. With our little ones he has always been a perfect present and cuddly dad. We had a great time together when his children came to visit us. When we got married we invited the children, Andrea (the competitor of the GF Vip, ndc) refused to come to Romania, I don’t know why, he has to say. Nicolò arrived, while Andrea did not, this in 2010. Walter has always tried. Also for the baptism of the second child, we postponed the invitation that was not accepted. For our part, there has always been the desire to see them », she vented.

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