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Not only the relationship between the children and Walter Zenga, but another case broke out at “Live Non è la D’Urso”. The protagonists of this story are the daughters of Jonathan Bachini, Asia and Sandy, two of the three daughters of the former Udinese and Juventus player, disqualified at the time of Brescia for having been found positive for the metabolites of cocaine. Then he was disbarred for life because in January 2006, when he was at Siena, he was found positive again on the cocaine test.

Baggio and, on the right, Bachini
Baggio and, on the right, Bachini

“We have been canceled by our father like those of Walter Zenga, we haven’t heard from him for three years”, their words of the girls, who told about the problems with their father, who would have slowly disappeared from them, despite attempts to reconnect. They talked about “attached phones” when they called him on his cell phone.

They explained about a “changed” father when he met the second partner with whom he had a third daughter. “If I’m here today – explained Asia, the eldest daughter – it’s because I want to ask the reasons for all this, I’ve never accused him of anything. Since he met this woman, he became apathetic, I don’t recognize him anymore. I haven’t heard from him for three and a half years, I don’t even know if he’s dead or alive. ‘ Barbara D’Urso also joined the appeal of the girls, inviting the former footballer to show up.

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