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It would take the Var, in the end, to find images and sift the lips, in an eventful ending, almost more exciting than the challenge on the lawn. Andrea Agnelli leaving the grandstand shouting something to Antonio Conte, the technician who raises his head, slipping into the tunnel, and saying something in turn. While, at the interval, there are those who signal suspicious or ambiguous gestures by Conte, of which however there is no slow motion. He cuts short: “There should be more education and sportsmanship, the fourth man heard what happened throughout the game.” Insults, it seems. Moral, in all this din: with a faint voice, while everyone around screams like crazy for 90 minutes, in fact, Andrea Pirlo qualifies for the final of the Italian Cup, after having already won the Super Cup, in a very Juventus way. “Bringing home the victory is the most important thing,” he said after the match against Roma and repeated yesterday, as per the house’s motto.


A Conte remains some regrets: «We should have realized more, but we paid the gifts for the first leg». He is in shouting mode after less than ten minutes as, in here, they have seen him a thousand times: the fuse is the fall in the area of ​​Lautaro, in reality thrown to the ground by his own inertia, for an empty kick, after having missed the ball at the time of shooting. Nothing: Salento and fumantino, the technician jumps up from the bench to shout his opinion to the referee Mariani, between words and pointed index. We are at the first close encounter with Daniele Chiffi, the fourth official. Three minutes later, Conte blatantly applauds the referee, on the border of the technical area, for the warning given to Darmian. Forcing Chiffi to take another walk towards him, to stop him with an equally obvious gesture of his arms: hey, let’s cut it. On the opposite side, the voice of Bonucci, towards the Inter bench: “You have to respect the referee.” Told by someone who more than once confronted the same referees hard-nosed – do you remember with Rizzoli, in a derby? – sounded vaguely comical. After that, any chatter is allowed and understandable, in a state of competitive trance.

The empty arena

And who knows what would have happened with the arena full and not deserted, as in these months of Covid. After all, already upon the arrival of the Nerazzurri bus, some Juventus fans had arrived from the parts of the Stadium, not exactly the historic center, to tell Conte two: guilty of having passed to the archrival and not just to an opponent. Impeachment stuff, he who insideAllianz he even won a (deserved) star, for Cups and scudetti won in black and white, as a player and coach.
Twenty meters to the right, in front of the Juventus bench, Pirlo, the one with the faint voice, thinks instead of what he had drawn on the blackboard (on the eve) and of the Juve he saw (live): “We get too low.” Defending and suffering. But in the end, the whole bench jumps on him, exultant.

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