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The second round of consultations of the prime minister in charge Mario Draghi with the political forces ended yesterday. Lega, Pd, Forza Italia and Italia viva have confirmed their adhesion (here the political news of yesterday). As for the 5Stelle Beppe Grillo, present in the delegation expressed his favor to the new executive but the Movement will formally pronounce itself only after the outcome of the vote on the Rousseau platform scheduled for tomorrow but perhaps postponed to Friday. Giorgia Meloni reiterated the Brothers of Italy’s no to trust. Today Mario Draghi meets the social partners: we start at 10.30 with the representatives of the Conference of Presidents of the regions and autonomous provinces.

8.54 – Orlando (Pd): If the majority is very large, we need to identify a few points of convergence
We have no news of a third round of consultations, but we realize that we are facing an entirely new crisis. I think it is very important to insist on identifying the points on which political forces converge. Less circumscribed points must be involved, if the majority is very large. So the deputy secretary of the Democratic Party, Andrea Orlando, on Radio 24. On the alliance with the 5Stelle Movement, the deputy of the Democratic Party then declared that if you want to build the alternative field to the right, the relationship with the 5 Stars is an obligatory step.

8.37 am – Bombardieri (Uil): One million jobs at risk, we will ask for an extension of the redundancy block
We will express this concept to the premier in charge of Draghi: the situation in the country, from the point of view of social cohesion, risks jumping, because the drama that hundreds of thousands of male and female workers are experiencing who risk losing their jobs is a drama that is also felt. if it does not explode in the media, said the secretary general of UIL, Pierpaolo Bombardieri, who today will meet Mario Draghi, speaking on Cusano Italia TV. The risk, according to our calculations and those of Confindustria, that 1 million jobs will be lost. In such an exceptional situation, exceptional measures are needed. We do not think of a freeze on endless layoffs, we think that we must extend it in order to have the time to reform the social safety nets and to develop active labor policies.

8.03 am – Order of doctors of Rome: as Minister of Health a politician is better than a technician
Given that the decision will be up to Mario Draghi, I believe that a politician is preferable to a technician to hold the post of Minister of Health. This is how the president of the Order of Doctors of Rome, Antonio Magi, replies to the Dire agency on the possibility that the leadership of the Ministry of Health, now in the hands of Roberto Speranza, could be entrusted to a technician in the possible new government led by Mario Dragons. The technicians serve to advise – explains Mag- but then the policy he must choose, because this is his role, otherwise he would have no reason to exist. There must be a politician at the head of the Ministry of Health, certainly supported by a group of technicians who allow him to make informed political choices

8.00 – Today’s Consultations
The appointed Prime Minister Mario Draghi continues the consultations: at 11 he meets the Regions, Provinces and then the National Association of Municipalities (Anci); at 11.45 Confindustria; to follow the unions.

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