Grillo, what do you expect from Draghi? The “conditions” to the government-

The video of Beppe Grillo, who postponed the consultation on Rousseau for the trust to Draghi provoking – in addition to the concern of the premier in charge – on the one hand tensions between the base and on the other expectations among militants M5S who saw him fighting, creates doubts waiting for quick answers.

When will the activists vote? And what does Grillo expect?

Actually the guarantor of the Movement – before that Vito Crimi, the political leader, confirmed on Wednesday morning the “suspension” of voting on the platform – explained the crucial steps in his own way in the speech.

To wait to set a date (Friday remains the most likely) the Five Stars are waiting for the prime minister in charge to express himself in public on some issues. “Should he do it in the morning, we could also vote today,” they say in the Movement. But the date won’t be there until later a sign from Draghi.

The decisive point is the birth of a ministry of ecological transition to be entrusted – as the guarantor announced on the blog – to a personality with a high scientific profile. A point that Grillo particularly cares about: “We must catch up with the other European countries,” the guarantor said yesterday to the pentastellati. A move that would also help Grillo himself to support government support with more conviction.

The reactions of the base

Meanwhile, pending a new date for consultations on Rousseau, the Movement’s base is reacting strongly to Grillo’s choices. In the comments to Grillo’s video on Facebook, many people ask to be able to express themselves. Some speak of “disappointment” (“By now you don’t even believe it anymore. Hi Beppe, you betrayed a dream” is the most voted comment; “But if Draghi is a respectable person for you and the line of the movement is to support him, what’s wrong with voting ?! Make us vote, right ?! “).

And rebels – led by Di Battista – are organizing themselves. Although Di Battista himself – not surprisingly – winked at the abstention: “Reasonable hypothesis”.

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