“We have had some assurances. But we will not enter at all costs »- Corriere.it

The base in revolt, the vote on Rousseau has been postponed because the green light for Draghi can trigger the splitting of the Movement. But Vito Crimi flaunts confidence: I go with my head held high on my way, which is serious and mature.

Why did you postpone the vote among the members? Can Grillo change line at the last minute and not support Draghi?
Not this. We will not go to the government at all costs, we are confronting each other. We asked for some guarantees, obtaining reassurances on the Mes, on the school, on the continuity with the Conte government.

What will you write in the questions?
Saying I know no to Draghi would be too poor. When we have something to vote on, we will write in the questions “do we want to be in a government that has these characteristics?”. We have to vote on a program, we are waiting for Draghi to see the social partners and draw conclusions.

If they win the government, will Di Battista and Casaleggio split?
Even when we went to the government with the League and then with the Democratic Party it seemed we were at Give an, instead in ten years we have never split. There is no split going on, there are people who think differently.

So do you think isa Draghi will win?
Members have always asked us to capitalize on that 32% of the votes in the polls and not leave the government in the wrong hands. Once again they will tell us “do not miss this opportunity, do not leave to others the possibility to change the Recovery cards you have written”.

How many M5S senators will go to the opposition?
So far they have abandoned about twenty, perhaps. If someone else decides not to adapt to the vote of the members we will take note, but it cannot be defined as a split.

If the politicians come in, will Di Maio and Patuanelli be there? And Azzolina?
I do not start discussing individual ministers, but ours are all very good, I would have reconfirmed them all. We certainly ask for a political government with high-profile personalities, but on this I think Draghi will confront the President of the Republic.

And Bonafede, will he have to leave Justice to Cartabia?
It pays off for defending our most important battles on unpopular issues among political forces, such as statute of limitations and corrupt sweeps.

What if the new government changes the statute of limitations?
Nobody wants to change it, we have an agreement signed at the thematic tables and included in the reform of the criminal process, which must be concluded.

Do you regret having brought the 5 Stars on the line or Count, or death ?.
We focused on the best premier we could have. Unfortunately the numbers weren’t there.

He had a lot of criticism, even from his own.
I am always criticized. Who in charge must take into account that the M5S demanding with its representatives. We are like that. I take it into account and do my best.

For you are at the umpteenth turn. Never with the League, never with the Democratic Party, never with Renzi, never with Draghi … Isn’t it you who said the technical government does not do the good of the country?
I admit, perhaps we have occasionally made improper forward escapes. For our members they have always asked us to stay in government and not be cornered.

Who will be the leader of the Movement, Di Maio or Conte?
If there is a 5-member collegiate body, there is no leader. We have a vote in progress. The outgoing president said he is there and will be there and he received thrilling applause at our assembly. But talk about the role of premature Count.

Will you go to the administrative offices with the Democratic Party?
We will evaluate if the conditions are met. I quote Zingaretti, priority must be given to the choices of the territory. We don’t even know if we run a government and talk about the distant future?

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