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I ask you to be patient: Beppe Grillo bursts with a video on the Blog of the Stars to announce the postponement of the vote on the Draghi government scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday on Rousseau. The new date of the consultations is not certain: there are those who speak of a shift of 24 hours with Friday which is indicated as the most probable day. But there are also those who instead assume a vote over the weekend. I would wait when he made the statements he made to us in a public way, says Grillo speaking of Mario Draghi. We wait for him to have clear ideas, because he will tell you what he wants to do. The M5S supervisor argues that the prime minister in charge appreciated the citizenship income and the idea of ​​a ministry of ecological-sustainable transition. Grillo does not change the line: he remains in the wake of the s to the executive, but raises the stakes, making a mockery of Matteo Salvini, who a few days ago had come out with the same diktat with reverse parts: The League must not enter, because the Environment League has never understood anything. And he said to me: I don’t know. Let’s see, let’s see.

The noble father of the Movement also jokes. He gives Draghi the title of supreme and says: I was expecting the banker of God, instead a grillino, he told me “I would like to register” …. Ways to indicate a harmony of views s, but a negotiation still open on table. The Movement wants to see the cards, relaunching, says a source. The crucial node will be the program. The change of course comes suddenly after consultations. Grillo himself to give the turning point. He avoids the press, meets with Vito Crimi and the M5S management: convinced that another step is necessary. And hold back the vote.

What seems certain that in any case there will be only one question. And that in the M5S, for the first time in its history, there is a real electoral campaign. The rebels are organizing and trying to attract the undecided about their trust in Draghi. Alessandro Di Battista, not surprisingly, declares his no but winks at abstention: Reasonable hypothesis. With him there is also Barbara Lezzi. And the possibility of a three-way solution to the question – yes, no, abstention – grows by the hour, even if there are those who object: So we risk winning a relative majority. In any case, for the rebellious fringe it will be a test to weigh themselves in view of the challenge for the collegiate body.

No Draghi’s V-Day (opposed by a parallel initiative of the Five Stars in favor of the prime minister in charge) reaches a thousand participants. Among the pentastellati that line up there are also Elio Lannutti, Vilma Moronese and Massimo Baroni. But even on this event the words of Grillo hover.

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