Alitalia ran out of cash: urgent meeting Leogrande-trade unions-

A call for tender for the sale of Alitalia is expected but is slow in coming. Risking to determine the stall for the summer season with an offer of flights and tickets not up to par. A government crisis that deprives Commissioner Giuseppe Leogrande – who must draw up that announcement – of institutional interlocutors in the full capacity of their functions. A bridging loan of another 200 million, filtered by the Treasury a few weeks ago, to manage the transition phase between old and new company aborted at the last with the resigning government. It is a pity that Alitalia’s cash is being reset and the payment of salaries for the month of February is also at risk. Alitalia loses 50 million a month. He has no more money and the air transport unions have asked to meet Leogrande, who has accepted, to try to dispel the worries that the workers are experiencing.

There are several questions still pending and time that the handover between the old Alitalia in extraordinary administration and the newco Ita is prolonging also risks having to cripple the industrial plan scheme communicated in December by the CEO of Ita Fabio Lazzerini and by the president Francesco Caio. The European Union has made it known that it expects a real discontinuity between the new and the old management in order not to incur the rejection of the procedure under the state aid legislation. There is a need for a stew between aviation, handling and maintenance that should arouse the interests of different operators. But also as regards the aviation part, the EU Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager, pointed out that Alitalia must actually be a new company, with a new manageable business model, a business idea, asset, brand. So the sale of the assets must be done in market terms.

The Commissioner clarified how Covid refreshments for Alitalia have been approved for 273 million but still pending another 77 – due to a delay in notification by the Treasury – on which the EU is evaluating the losses route by route on intercontinental destinations. The idea of ​​the stew does not agree with the unions, worried that it will lead us to a further reduction in aircraft (and therefore in the necessary personnel). A structural solution is urgently needed, starting with the transfer of the aviation branch, say the pilots and flight attendants of the FNTA.

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