America’s Cup, Luna Rossa in the final against Ineos. The dream of flying, that’s why we like these regattas –

We are talking about a dream, a myth that has always marked man and his history: freeing ourselves from the bonds that bind us to the earth and the sea and start flying. This Luna Rossa, this are the boats that compete in the America’s Cup. Too much? Maybe, but there’s also this in match races that take place on the other side of the world, in New Zealand.

Let’s ask ourselves a question: why do we like so much to follow the tacks and jibes of the Prada boat? Why do you carry the tricolor forward? It is not enough to keep us glued (not all, true, but many) at three in the morning in front of the TV. Why are we a people of sailors? We hope in the future more and more, at the moment for …

America’s Cup, Luna Rossa in Prada Cup: the 7 weapons to beat Ineos in the final
A very open ending

What remains: the dream, that dream of leaving our everyday life (weighed down by Covid, the economic, political crisis and much more) to take possession of a freer world, with fewer ties. In short, the hope of leaving the everyday self to venture into the imaginary self, into what we would like to be. And all this is seen, and it is really seen, between foils (the wings that the America’s Cup boats are equipped with) that rise and sea spray that drips the cameras fixed on these boats that run at 100 km per hour.

And that’s because Luna Rossa and her colleagues who compete in the bay in front of Auckland are no longer only slaves to the rules of the sea but also (and above all) to those of the air. Entering just a moment in the marine jargon, the live work (the one that is inside the water) on these boats limited to the rudder and wings of the foils, very little therefore; the dead work, however, the one that is above sea level and here counts a lot (HERE the secrets of the boats). For centuries there has been much balance between the two works, now one clearly prevails over the other. Detach from the sea and fly, in small the realization of that myth of Icarus that forcefully opens the doors of imagination and hopes. The dream in fact. Then call them just regattas….

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