Contacts with the prime minister in charge So Grillo tries to curb the tensions-

With Grillo’s move, the Movement took back the center of the political scene and gave a sense to the militants in this new passage: among the Five Stars many look favorably on the return to the front line of the guarantor, capable of restoring strength to a political entity in need. But the vote on Rousseau continues to divide, to split and there are those who can’t wait to really count where the base is.

A delicate passage that falls after twenty-four hectic hours. The halt to the vote dictated by Grillo after the consultations starts the path of diplomacy as early as Tuesday evening. There is a triangulation between Mario Draghi, the guarantor, Roberto Fico and Luigi Di Maio. An invisible direction that tries to clarify the reassurances the Movement needs, pointing out the will not to commit any institutional rudeness. The question of the ministry of ecological transition is placed at the center. Fico, as an institutional weaver, continuous contact with the Genoese guarantor. In the morning there is talk of an intervention by Draghi after the consultations and almost in parallel of an exit by Giuseppe Conte on the new government. Then the situation evolves. The palace rumors tell of a telephone contact between Grillo and Draghi after lunch, a clarification that marks a series of domino events.

First of all, there is the green light to vote on Rousseau. Grillo meets by telephone with Davide Casaleggio and Vito Crimi to understand the timing and formulate the question. For technical reasons concerning the servers, the vote is postponed to the morning of today, condensed into just eight hours (and among the militants the fear of not being able to participate is mounting). Then in cascade follow the endorsement of Conte to the Draghi government (If I were enrolled in Rousseau, I would vote yes), and the declarations of the WWF on the presence of a ministry of ecological transition in the new executive which sound like that public message expected by Grillo.

Once the institutional match is closed, the internal match opens for the vote on Rousseau. After a long consultation, the possibility of abstaining is eliminated from the answers: a move to polarize the vote and prevent the undecided from inflating the rebel front.

In the evening Di Maio launches his s convinced the government with a direct Facebook. There is no majority without us. Simply disengaging from the government means not giving a majority and a government to this country, he explains. We must participate in the government to defend what we have achieved and spend well what we have achieved. And then he thanks all the top management: from Conte to Grillo, from Rousseau to Crimi. Inside the Movement, however, anarchy. There are those who relaunch a tweet from Guido Crosetto: the exponent of the Brothers of Italy points out that the department for ecological transition already exists and is part of the Ministry of the Environment. The governists reply: Unparalleled things. The clash this time open. And the base splits. On the blog of the Stars, the post on the vote in two hours collects 150 comments. Many critics. There are those who write: Better four cats but pure. And who replies: But grow !. The cross-section is the prelude to another day of tension that will hold the Movement and the future of the government in suspense.

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