Conte-Agnelli, why the insults? The opposite versions of Juve and Inter and the origin in that 100 euro restaurant where you want to eat with 10

Tattered the galateo which should also be followed with the opponents, the other evening Agnelli and Conte ended up treating each other as enemies, and without even so much style. Insults, middle finger, other assorted bad words, in a men composed from time to time by the version of others, equal and opposite. There remains an air of revenge, rather than revenge, which only those who have been partners in businesses can have and who, at a certain point, feel betrayed. That moment on July 15, 2014 when, on the second day of retreat, Conte leaves his Lady. Until there, the one president and the other coach, Agnelli and Conte had rebuilt and won with Juve, bringing it back to the habits of the house, the victories: from seventh place to three championships in a row, the foundations of the Empire. After the divorce they had ignored, respected, greeted each other. Never insulted. For this reason, the next day, those who know him well tell a Count disappointed and embittered: he would never have expected hostility instead of rivalry. More: the bitterness to be treated as a any enemy.

Rewinding the slow motion can help to reconstruct the news, but not the story. Inter version: the Nerazzurri coach would have been provoked and insulted during most of the match: Cogl … (from Agnelli) e clown (from other managers). Until it explodes, showing the middle finger, at the intervalas he slipped into the tunnel. Juventus script: no preventive insult, if anything an answer, without bon ton, to the gestaccio of the technician. Around, everything and more: the quarrel between managers (Paratici and Oriali), and some other compliments in the anteroom of the changing rooms. Still between the Juventus number one and the coach: Tell me to my face, if you have the courage. All material for the sports judge, and probably also for the prosecutor of the Football Federation.

Summarized the epilogue, there is the rest of the novel. Starting from the summer of 2014, that of the great cold: for bickering and confrontations, even abrasive, about the market and renewal of the squad. Summarized in the sentence quoted: When you sit in a restaurant where you pay one hundred euros, you can’t think of eating with ten (May 5, 2014). From that moment, something broke and no bostik could fix it. Obviously, beyond smiles and words of mutual respect and education. Until Tuesday. With the mitigating factor that, in the trance of contention, there are fans and children again: a little less for a president who, due to his position and distance from the lawn, should still maintain a certain aplomb. It had been better in recent years. Like when, in October 2019, a surreal collection of signatures from some Juventus fans – revived yesterday – asked to remove the star dedicated to the former idol from the Stadium. Reason: the accusation of high treason, for having gone to Inter. Agnelli, wisely, ended the controversy: that brand cannot be touched. In front, for a final, rivalry took over, and remorse got bitten. I forgive my enemy, but I don’t forget his name.

Inter: Conte, an insatiable life: ten years of outbursts and controversies
Grit and outbursts

Conte had left, suddenly, from a club that had defended him during the storm for the scandal of the failure to report, at the time of Siena. Seen from Juve it sounded more or less like this: how can you do this? From the president to the property, they hadn’t forgiven him. There was the chance for the return, at the dawn of 2019, when the rumors of a farewell from Massimiliano Allegri boiled (as it will later be): in the brochure of the successors there was Conte, who had never interrupted contacts with Paratici and Nedved. Nothing came of it, for one reason only: there is someone at Juve who doesn’t want me, the coach hissed with some regret to some friends. After that, as a good professional, he enthusiastically evaluated the offers that came to him, choosing Inter. For some, he was already an enemy.

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