Five Stars, a Movement in the chaos that promises instability | Massimo Franco’s Note

They waited for Giuseppe Conte to say a word in favor of Mario Draghi’s future government. The former premier finally said it yesterday afternoon. But he limited himself to explaining that in the consultation, already surreal in itself, on the Rousseau platform, if I were registered I would vote because, given the situation, we need a government. In short, the bare minimum to avoid the accusation of wanting to get in the way; but not enough to dispel the suspicion that he dreamed of a re-appointment if the former president of the ECB did not make it.

Yet, the Quirinale discreetly made it known that in that case it would go to an electoral government not led by Conte. On the other hand, its descending parable is perfectly framed in that of the political formation of which it was the emblem for two years; and the aspirations of the Five Stars to become a Movement-State: except realizing that they cannot keep together the majority of Count 2, nor expand it, nor compact a grillism reduced to tribalism. And so, the outgoing premier became the icon of those who tried to sabotage the Draghi operation.

Conte is a candidate for minister, head of M5S, deputy, mayor of Rome. And he shows he is shielding himself, but in reality he feeds the frond, waving yellowed popularity polls. Yesterday in the Movement it was feared that it would not even make the skimpy pro-Draghi declaration issued under pressure from the top. Beppe Grillo had to see how much his grip has diminished on disoriented and torn troops. The torments for the vote on Davide Casaleggio’s platform underline the chaos.

The consultation was first postponed; later confirmed in a reduced format. The M5S yesterday morning spoke of a public statement by Draghi in support of the Ministry for Ecological Transition requested by Grillo on Tuesday. The guarantor had come to define Draghi as a grillino in a somewhat grotesque way. But a few hours later the frost arrived. Sources close to the president in charge explained that no public interventions were planned. Then, the foothold: Draghi told the WWF delegation that the department for Transition will be there.

it was enough to justify a foregone conclusion: although Luigi Di Maio’s invitation to his followers to give proof of maturity is frustrated by a psychodrama that casts the shadow of instability. As for the Rousseau platform, thinking that democracy relies on an electronic vote managed by a private company, in which 0.1 percent of Grillini voters participate, smacks of irresponsible ritual. It is likely that Draghi will dissolve the reserve tomorrow and form his government: in full autonomy.

February 10, 2021 (change February 10, 2021 | 22:35)


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