from the great agreement to the bitter rupture-

Up there, Mario Draghi.
Below is expected.
If you put a few reporters in the circle, wicked chatter is sure to emerge. Rain stopped. All in a low voice in the small courtyard of Montecitorio, you can almost hear the subtle noise of the fountain, but the whisper is a delicious thing. Like: Goffredo Bettini e Matteo Renzi they don’t talk anymore.
Oh well (there is always the one who already knows).
No, oh well: they broke very badly. Goffredo the other day denied an interview with The fact, which actually contained a hundredth part of what he tells his friends about Renzi. But no? But yes. Renzi knows this, and teases him. I got it? He teases him like Renzi does, something to get on your nerves.

Bettini said: «With Renzi, after the crisis he caused, I have very strong political dissent. But never, I stress never, do I let myself go to personal attacks and forms of political hatred ». Hate, no: of course. But a dark, profound, lacerating disappointment, yes. Without office, without having been elected, but equally powerful and listened to prompts the entire Democratic Party, he was the last politician to have given concrete confidence to Renzi. The general staff of the Democrats, almost complete, advised him to give up: Matteo we know how he is, you waste and waste time, he says one thing and thinks another, always raises the stakes, it’s poker, it’s not politics . Instead Bettini – perhaps deceived by a ferociously politicist formation, dominated by the twentieth-century logic of the slowness of processes, of the strategy made up of agreements and plots – believed until the last that Renzi – pure talent, speed, unscrupulousness – could be a reliable interlocutor.

Now Renzi sends him to say: «Goffredo had such a refined strategy to be non-existent “. Yet Goffredo, for him, nurtured an ancient weakness.
Bettini is 68 years old, the son of the lawyer Vittorio, a noble landowner from the Marche region, and of Wilde, who married the 17-year-old Muslim prince Xhemal Rexa, Albanian and nephew of the pasha, in his first marriage. “Dad, when I was a child, he made me read Dostoevsky. I would have preferred to listen to some fairy tales, instead I only heard about politics “: very cultivated, a magnificent passion for cinema, another for Thailand – Renzi scratches it talking about the” Thai current of the Democratic Party “- he begins in the PCI, he is Roman secretary of the Fgci, then Pds, Ds and Pd; deputy, senator, MEP. With an ability recognized by all: he knows how to advise. “I’m actually a bit like Nero Wolf, the detective who stays at home growing orchids. And I’m not exactly one who advises: but one who thinks. And thinking I help to solve ». It is this (not the size) that makes it sometimes bulky, and always highly sought after.

Indeed Renzi rejoices, in 2013, when he hears him say: «The center left has only one real card to play: Matteo“. «Mythical, Goffredone! Thank you”. A year later, he confirmed: “Matteo had the merit of restarting politics”. Then, in August 2019, while Zingaretti and almost the entire Democratic Party would like to vote, he even expands Renzi’s proposal onPd-M5S emergency agreement, opening the work for a “legislative government”.
When, and we are in the last autumn, the government begins to shake, and the hypothesis is that of a reshuffle to give it new energy, the Nazarene is automatically thinking: with Matteo let the Monk speak.
That’s what they call him, Bettini. A little because of his shirts worn outside his trousers, a little because of his frugal living in small, modest houses (the penultimate was confused by Cesare Romiti for a kind of office: “See you in the usual basement?” really, dear Cesare, I live in that basement “).

Now it is in thirty square meters on the ground floor of a private road climbing the hill of Monte Mario, only twilight and precious books, a bed, the TV for a few weeks, a window with a view of the domes of Rome, and he in slippers, the habit of a frozen Campari now that anti-Covid measures prevent him from trespassing to dinner with the famous rule of 2 (double appetizer, double first course, double second course, double dessert): this is where Matteo Renzi comes to see him, to deliver him the famous letter of January 6, containing the 30 political points with which Iv intends to relaunch the government pact.
“I’m just a postman,” he taunts, convinced that he has stitched up.
And instead. Renzi spariglia. It precipitates the crisis. And now, on New York Times, he explains with the known modesty: «Draghi? I did everything myself. With my party, which is 3% ».
But Bettini is already thinking of something else. We have to decide who it will be the candidate for mayor of Rome. Turn the page, move on. That’s the beauty of politics (if you’re not unlucky and cross paths with Renzi).

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