“I take the Bronx force with me. Milan is special »- Corriere.it

When the hand of Kevin Punter reaches the right temperature, then there is no defense that holds. The talented shooter of Olimpia Milano it begins to hit the mark and never stops. At the Ax Armani, that Thursday opens the Final Eight of the Italian Cup with Reggio Emilia as hostess, it will take a Punter like this to go all the way. To be clear, the one seen two weeks ago against his former Olympiacos teammates, 27 points with 100 percent from 2 and 50 from 3. “I have grown, morally and in my principles,” he wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. guard 27 year old born and raised in New York. And in fact the maturation is there for all to see. But a little bit of the stile playground, drunken dribbles and sudden step backs, he still exhibits it on finest parquet in Europe, which he has been attending for 5 years now.

«My neighborhood, the Bronx – says Punter – is full of pitches. It is played from morning to night, the level is very high and it tempers you. I played all day, my mother wanted me to come home before it got dark. But my father had to get out to get me to drop the ball. I grew up 10 minutes from Yankee Stadium. But it’s not just the Bronx, it’s played everywhere, everyone knows where the top 5 tournaments are borough».

Final Eight starts, what tournament will it be for you?
«It is a competition in which the level rises with every match, in the past I have been happy in this type of competition. I’m ready. We play at home, but without an audience it is not the same thing ».

Where can this Olympia go?
“Since the beginning of the season we have set ourselves to watch one game at a time, never think too far ahead, but also in the Euroleague we played on par with everyone, for sure we can do important things”.

He played in Greece, Belgium, Poland, then in Bologna and again in Athens and Belgrade before Milan. How is it in Italy?
«For me Italy and Milan are a further step forward in my career. Here the organization is special, the attention to detail is exceptional, I couldn’t find myself better ».

He was in trouble in college, then met Rick Barnes at the University of Tennessee and became a deadly marksman. A transformation.
«Coach Barnes completely rebuilt my shot, it took me 6 weeks, but it changed my career. I have always worked hard, and I continue to do so, I consider myself a student of the game, I watch, work and learn ».

Yet, before that breakthrough, she was about to give up basketball.
“I left New York for college in North Carolina before going to Tennessee. I had a few moments of discouragement, I wondered if basketball was for me. I called my mom and told her I was going to quit. She told me to think about it and that whatever my choice was, she would support me. But she certainly wasn’t used to seeing me come home from the basketball court so early. ‘

From Thursday at the Forum the Final Eight of the Italian Cup. The program:
Ore 18
ore 20.45

Friday, 6 pm

ore 20.45

Semifinals on Saturday, final on Sunday
So on TV
: all matches live on RaiSport.

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