Rousseau, the result of the vote on the Draghi government: yes by 59.3% –

In the end, the s prevailed in the base vote M5S on the platform Rousseau to choose whether or not to support the Draghi government.

Out of nearly 120,000 with the right to vote, just over 74,000 expressed their opinion. The s were 59.3% (44,177); i no 40.7% (30,360).

The result of the vote was highly anticipated: the parliamentary group of the 5 Stars, which should now adapt to the outcome of the consultation, in fact appeared in the past few hours divided internally on the opportunity to give the green light to an executive with two characteristics in the past indigestible to the 5 Stars: the technical profile, or at least not purely political, and a majority destined to expand to include not only the Pd o la League, with which the 5 Stars have ruled in this legislature, but also Come on Italy.

In recent days, the guarantor of the 5 Stars Beppe Grillo he had expressed the need for a ministry of ecological transition: in an interview with the WWF, the prime minister in charge Mario Draghi would have provided reassurance on the birth of a department dedicated to these issues. While authoritative exponents of the Movement had made explicit their will to vote s to the question – first of all, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, I am – others had announced a vote against, starting with Alexander By Battista.

Not yet clear when the appointed prime minister, Mario Draghi, intends to go to the Quirinale to dissolve the reservation on his office and present to the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, the list of ministers.

The reactions

The first among the exponents of the Movement to react was the former political leader, and outgoing Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio. Responsibility is the price of greatness. Today our members have once again shown great maturity, loyalty towards institutions and a sense of belonging to the country. In one of the most dramatic moments of our recent history, the 5 Star Movement chooses the path of courage and participation, but above all it chooses the European path, he wrote on Facebook. Faithfulness to the nation today has shown itself to be stronger than propaganda. This is the M5S. Now comes the most difficult task, said the political leader Vito Crimi, that of respecting this mandate: therefore working on the government program. The democracy of the Movement passes through the vote of the members, the vote of the binding members.

The other votes on the Conte I and Conte bis governments

This is not the first time trust in an executive has shifted from clicks to the Movement platform. Already for supporting the two governments Conte in this legislature the Five Star militants have spoken out on Rousseau.

In 2018 it was voted for government contract with the League. The overwhelming result in percentage terms: 94% support the initiative but the participants in the vote are 40 thousand.

The votes on Di Maio

In 2019, however, the vote on the Giallorossi government saw an almost double turnout: on 3 September 63 thousand voters out of 79 thousand supported the turning point. But on Rousseau – born as a platform in spring 2016 – other fundamental votes passed in the political history of the Movement. The first weight consultation had been the one for the coronation of Luigi Di Maio as political leader in September 2017: the voters on that occasion were just over 37,000 and the new leader takes over 30,000 preferences. Two years later, Di Maio himself asked for a confirmation vote as political leader after the defeat in the European Championships. To vote this time were 56,127, with 80% of s (44,849), and 20% of no (11,278). The last heavy vote dates back to August 2020. 39 thousand approved the change to the zero mandate and 29 thousand gave the green light to local alliances.

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