Serie A, Dazn remains ahead of Sky on TV rights. Agnelli and Lotito, the strange anti-fund alliance-

It should have been the month of change, which turned into a stalemate. The game of TV rights and the epochal challenge of opening the entry of private equity funds are intertwined in a dangerous way, to the point of determining a new postponement of the vote on the assignment of TV rights for the next three years. Yesterday the presidents met in the assembly where they listened to the proposals and strategic plans of the two broadcasters in the competition. If Dazn’s figures and projects convinced almost all the clubs to embrace the historic turning point of moving the Italian league to the streaming platform, only half of the clubs were in favor of an immediate award of the rights. Ten clubs, including Juventus, Milan, Inter and Lazio, pushed in vain to immediately accept Dazn’s offer which put 840 million on the pot and, at the time allowed for the presentation of the programs, he reassured everyone present on the technological development of the platform. He guaranteed investments, explained that the major majors are on oct and that the satellite represents the TV of the past.

The other half of the companies, including Rome and Turin, instead preferred to stall, moving the vote to next week. Caution is not the result of a propensity for Sky’s proposal, which is lower economically, 750 million: if anything, induced by the desire to unblock the funds first, which until last week seemed to be directed towards the natural outcome of signing the preliminary contract with the Cvc-Advent-Fsi consortium, and then suddenly suspended. To hinder the entry of funds into the intervening media company the surprising reverse of the Juventus president, Andrea Agnelli, who after invoking a new governance (I am in favor of the initiative of identifying a serious partner to whom to hand over the management of the commercial development of the League, self-excluding all of us who have shown incapacity declared in October) now, more attracted by the prospect of participating to the Superlega, which has become the main ally of Claudio Lotito.

Sky loses ground, which has reminded the presidents that it is the historic partner and that it is ready to develop the Lega’s ott channel: as a desperate move, it would have asked to cancel the current auction and call for another call. In this climate, voltage and electricity between Enrico Preziosi, supporter of the funds, e Stefano Campoccia from Udinese.

February 11, 2021 (change February 11, 2021 | 11:30 pm)


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