The death of Kasia Lenhardt, that’s who her ex-boyfriend Jerome Boateng is-

A family solidly anchored in the world of football. Jerome Boateng, 32, the German footballer at the center of media attention for the death of his ex-girlfriend, Kasia Lenhardt, nephew of a famous Ghanaian footballer and Kevin-Prince’s brother, 33 years old, today in force at Monza in Serie B, but with a past also at Milan. If Jerome has chosen the German nationality, and until March 2019 he was one of the strengths of the 2014 World Champion national team. Club World Cup, Thursday night against Tigres.

The Ghanaian father

The father of the two players, Prince Boateng, born in Ghana, and older brother of another footballer, Robert, who also played in the African national team. Moving to West Berlin in the mid-1980s, he became linked to Martina Rahn, in turn grandson of a famous German footballer of the 1950s, Helmut Rahn. Shortly after Kevin Prince was born in 1988, the couple separated. Man binds to one Luftansa hostess, Martina, Jerome was born from the new relationship in 1989. Since then, the two brothers have had parallel destinies, which rarely cross. They both played as boys in Herta Berlin, until 2007, when they then embarked on different careers, especially in the national team: Jerome for Germany and Kevin for Ghana. For several years they have had no particular personal contact, but recently there has been a rapprochement.

Column of Germany

Jerome Boateng an eclectic defender, very suitable for his versatility to the flexible modules of contemporary football. After his beginnings with Hertha Berlin, he played for Hamburg and for a season for Manchester City, but managed to win the 2010-2011 FA Cup. His greatest successes have caught them on his return home, al Bayern Monaco, with which he won 8 German league titles, 4 German Cups, 4 German Super Cups, two Champions League, two European Super Cups and a Club World Cup. His path in the national team was also bright: with the Under-21 of Germany he won the European championship in the category in 2009, and in the major one he played three World Cups, winning, as we have already said, the 2014 edition.

Kasia Lenhardt, model and mother of a 5 year old boy. Who was Jerome Boateng’s ex
Model and mom
Sui social

Jerome Boateng very popular on social networks. It boasts on its own profile Instagram 6.9 million followers, 3.6 million friends on Facebook and 2.5 million on Twitter. However, the posts he publishes are almost exclusively about his professional activity, namely football. There is little space for private life and therefore the Instagram story of last February 2 caused a sensation heralded the end of her love affair with Kasia Lehnart: As known in the media, I ended the relationship with Kasia Lenhardt. From now on we will go our separate ways. deplorable, but for my family and for me the only right way. I had to take this step and draw a line. I apologize to everyone I hurt especially with my ex girlfriend Rebecca and our children. I too am disappointed in myself. A man has to take responsibility and act in the interest of his family and I am doing it now. I wish Kasia the best, wrote the footballer, thus giving his final farewell to the 25-year-old model.

Monza’s brother

Kevin-Prince Boateng made himself appreciated throughout his career for an undoubted technical talent combined with athletics. an attacking midfielder, capable of adapting to practically all midfield roles. After the Berlin beginnings, wandered around Europe playing in Borussia Dortmund, in Portsmouth in England, and then in Italy, first at Genoa and then at Milan from 2010 to 2013, and after an interlude at Schalke 04 again at Milan until 2016. Then other laps between the Canaries, again Germany, then, in 2018, again Italy with Sassuolo and Fiorentina, with a brief interlude at Barcelona. After a move to Turkey at Beşiktaş, since last year with Monza, the twin of Mario Balotelli’s goal. Married in 2016 with the soubrette Melissa Satta, with whom he had a son, on 21 December officially announced the consensual separation.

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