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The end of a certain love. Psychological problems, of course. But the more time passes the more it seems to have been a suicide seems to have found more responsibility instead. We are talking about the death of Kasia Lenhardt, the ex-girlfriend of Jerome Boateng, player of Bayern Munich and of the German national team, found dead in his apartment in Berlin and whose death is under investigation.

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To “put your feet on the plate” is Cathy Hummels, wife of the central defender of Borussia Dortmund and of the national team, who often finds himself next to Jerome Boateng (with whom he also played in Bayern where Mats had played for 3 years) because of the same role on the pitch.

In a post published on Instagram she explains: “I am shocked and really sad. In the past, I also thought I didn’t want to live anymore. Not because of bullying, but because of my depression. And I can say one thing: you can only commit suicide if you are at the bottom. I want to draw attention to the fact that we must stop with this hatred, with the bodyshaming and cyberbullying. All of this destroys people. I’m so sorry dear Kasia. I really wish I had written to you. We are both in the world of football and I know how brutal it can be. With how many prejudices, envy and resentment one must confront. The truth is often very different. I can handle it because I have learned a lot from my past but many fail. Kasia didn’t make it. Dear Kasia, I promise you I’ll work even harder against this shit on the Internet. I hope you rest in peace and with a smile on your face ».


After all, Cathy Hummels herself had to face the prejudice, the hatred and even only the obsessive attention of the fans who often want to find a familiar explanation for the bad performance of a player on the pitch. But they cling to anything to speak ill of those they consider unfit to be close to their idol. So at Christmas Cathy (33 years old whose last name is Fischer, studies in economics and a present as an influencer) had found herself crucified by some Dortmund fans because she had not published the classic Christmas photo of the “happy family” on Instagram. She just replied: “Just because we don’t spend time taking pictures of each other doesn’t mean we’re not good together.”

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