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“This was my strategy. I did it all by myself, with 3 percent! ». Then he adjusts his aim and stresses that “he did nothing”, since “it was all thanks to the President of the Republic Mattarella”. And finally: “It was the most complex operation of my entire political career.” So Matteo Renzi told al New York Times his point of view on the government crisis that he himself triggered and which then led Mario Draghi to Palazzo Chigi. But these statements are just some of those released in the flurry of interviews that the former premier has released in recent days to media around the world: from France to Spain, passing through Germany; without forgetting Great Britain and the United States.

Today it was the turn of the Financial Times: “The only way in the middle of the pandemic was to call the best player, because Mario is the best player,” said the leader of Italia viva, underlining that “Italy is back, just like Joe Biden said for the US. If you look at the financial markets, at international leaders, the trust of our citizens is a miracle ».

But what is the reason why the former premier is betting so much abroad? Renzi is aware of the popularity of his political creature (here the data of the latest Ipsos survey for the Courier service). But given that Italia viva has not brought the hoped-for results in terms of consensus, that is to say the “double-digit” forecast after the split from the Democratic Party, the leader is working on more scenarios for his future. And one of these roads leads abroad, perhaps for an international assignment such as, for example, thanks to the good relations that Renzi has cultivated with US President Joe Biden, the post of NATO secretary general, which Jens Stoltenberg will leave in 2022 .

Another recurring question: “But now how will Renzi move on the government chessboard?” . The former premier personally met Draghi in 2012, when the then mayor of Florence was already launched towards Palazzo Chigi, secretly took a train to Venice for a coffee with the then president of the ECB. The relationship then continued when Renzi became prime minister. Today, however, the latter explained that he had never considered becoming a minister (“I am too divisive”), but in the meantime he will return to devote more time to his activity as a lecturer abroad, which due to the pandemic has suffered a major decline.

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