Totti prosecutor, the agents accuse: “He does it without qualification.” And present a statement to Figc. Him: «It’s just scouting» –

He would operate as an agent without being officially one. this the accusation that the Italian Association of agents, players and clubs makes against Francesco Totti and which led to a statement presented in Figs. This was reported by the pagineromaniste site, which tells of the investigation launched by the agents commission, which will evaluate the work of the former captain of Rome and his company CT10 Management.


The former Giallorossi captain has never said he wants to be a prosecutor. In the past he has always officially talked about scouting: I don’t work as a sports agent – he explained last summer -. I decided to invest in the reference sector as a sportsman and a free entrepreneur, in compliance with all current regulations. I set up a service company that operates in the field of mediation, advice and assistance to clubs and players, for which I coordinate and supervise the scouting area. Then he added: For the performance of its professional services, the company avails itself of professionals already qualified to carry out the activity carried out, in compliance with all the provisions envisaged by law, as well as by the FIGC and Coni regulations. All this clarified, I reserve the right to act in the competent fora against anyone who, in the clumsy attempt to carve out a moment of notoriety, has publicly released in the past and / or releases in the future, declarations that are detrimental to my integrity.

Company opened a year ago

The accusation comes just one year after the creation of the agency, which Totti launched on 10 February 2020. At the time there had already been disagreements with the prosecutors: Totti was a great player, but being an agent is another sport you need to know how to play, not cheat. In Italy the agents to define themselves as such are forced to undergo very hard tests and trials. A strict regulation would be needed, were the words of Donato Di Campli, historical agent of Verratti, from 2012 to PSG. Does Totti want to be a prosecutor? Take a cue from those who do this tiring job, it was instead the position taken by Beppe Bozzo, among others the attorney of Tonali, Milan midfielder. Now the ball goes to the FIGC, which wants to see clearly on the whole affair.

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