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Mark this date: February 6, 2021, the feast of Saint Dorothea, patroness of young spouses and of the more moderate and centrist current of the DC. It will be tactical, it will be strategy, however the die is cast. It is as if Salvini really realized yesterday, for the first time, that he was leading the first Italian party; and that all the work done, all the sweatshirts, the rallies, the controversies, the trials, the papeete, risk becoming useless if the patrimony of consent acquired in recent years is not now invested in the government of the greatest post-war emergency.

Thus, in a single morning, forgetting for a moment Lampedusa, Borghi & Bagnai and Marine Le Pen, the secretary of the League put the arrow and took the fast lane, first overcoming himself and his clichés. He presented himself as the center of gravity of Italian politics, and therefore the pivot of a cabinet of national unity. To replace the Cinquestelle, who had the strength but not the vocation; and to the Democratic Party, which has the presumption but rarely the strength.

Of course it can be said that it is a move. And it sure is. It is clear that it serves to corner the left, which is suddenly afraid of going to the government, and out of the frame Meloni, who dances alone. He has not placed any prejudices against anyone, and thus has defused those of others towards him. The hypothesis that he enters the government has thrown Conte’s party into panic, which was born to keep him out.

It can also be suspected that in his ten minutes as a statesman, the conditioned reflexes of the populist will follow, as always, die hard in one raised on bread and social media. But when you decide to go from opposition to government it is never just tactical. There is more.

First of all, there is society: the interests and voters that the League represents today. The North, in short. Salvini in recent years he has taken the votes of the productive classes, of the bourgeois of Forza Italia, and now he has to give answers. For these people, security and the fight against illegal immigrants are good, but they are not enough. Certainly not enough now that the economy is sinking. Call Zaia for further explanation.

And then there is politics, that which is not consumed in the space of a survey. On December 16, almost two months ago, Giancarlo Giorgetti was with the reporter of the Courier service three considerations: the Conte government will fall, the center-right is not ready to govern, a government “with the best inside, led by the best”, that is Draghi, can also help us change the international image of the League, and give Salvini credibility and the reliability it still doesn’t have. A prophecy.

On the other hand, being anti-European on the basis of today’s side, while hundreds of billions are about to arrive from Europe, it would lead to the same isolation that the PCI paid in the 1950s, acting anti-American while the Marshall Plan triggered the “Italian miracle”. And then Draghi is not Monti: the other Mario came to cut, this to spend. In his speech yesterday, Salvini insisted not by chance on what leads him to the former president of the ECB: he too is a “developer”, with him we can talk about construction sites, jobs, tax cuts. After all, Draghi is also the man who paved the way for a form of debt sharing in Europe: today, for the first time, the money of the Germans and the French can be invested in Italy. But if we fail to use them well, that is, to revive our economy and thus also help the German and French, this will be the last time. And then we will return to the Europe that Salvini does not like, that of punitive austerity. Draghi told him, more or less in these terms: do you understand why even the “nationalists” have to hope that my attempt is successful?

«You cannot govern Italy if you are not part of the government forces in EuropeThe voice of a liberal “adviser” had been whispering to him for some time, to ferry him from Perón to Pera. Who knows if, now that the political papers have all been reshuffled, that professor will also be heard on another point: making the entire center-right register, and choosing one with a story that can be spent. Salvini still lacks many things to succeed. But to begin with, says a nostalgic for the PDL who congratulated him yesterday, he could lead a unitary delegation of the center-right government in the next round of consultations, with Berlusconi and the popular, and without Meloni. He would thus demonstrate that he has emancipated himself from the fear that has gripped him in recent months: to have a competitor on the right. Also because from the polls it does not seem that there are many Italians enthusiastic about going to the Aventine. Staying in the government can actually give a dividend; and no one knows this better than Salvini, who has seen his approval double at the Viminale.

Even if it will not be the “government of the best”, the Italians are interested in a better government than the previous one. Salvini cannot refuse such a bet.

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