program, ministers and discontent in the parties. All the knots still to be solved-


At Cinquestelle, the arrival of Beppe Grillo in the capital was not enough. The former comedian motivates and accompanies the process of bringing the pentastellate troops closer to Mario Draghi’s executive. Yet the group remains pervaded by skepticism, dozens of senators are very hostile to the former governor of the ECB. They do not accept that the government is led by a technician who reminds them of Mario Monti’s cabinet. A large part of the Five Stars would have appreciated the continuation of the Conte cabinet experience, defined as «the equilibrium point of the coalition». Now, however, the risk is to find ourselves not only in the third government in just over three years but above all with another majority going from LeU to the League, including the “psycho dwarf” Silvio Berlusconi. How will it end? Final objective: to reduce the internal frond to a minimum. Meanwhile, the outgoing premier, Giuseppe Conte, he made it known, speaking to the assembly of pentastellati parliamentarians, that he will not be a minister in the new government. “We must remain at the table – he added – because we have to give a perspective to the country and there are no other solutions. But I will tell you first: we must show that we are up to the challenges ». And again: «I will be there in the forms and ways that you consider right. I will make sure to follow you step by step to accompany you because you have given me so much ”


Matteo Salvini’s turning point is the political fact of the last few hours. The turning of the party in via Bellerio, perhaps the daughter of the pressures and interests of the productive North, is a bit off-putting. The terror of the Northern League captain is to leave the prairies to the (former) ally Giorgia Meloni. The “never with Pd, Renzi and LeU” it turned into a granite yes with a lot of “We make ourselves available”. Brothers of Italy will make a constructive opposition to the Draghi executive and could perhaps intercept the leaguers disappointed by the turnaround of the Lega leader.

Democratic party

The Nazarene is at a crossroads: support the Draghi government with its ministers, or, if the League enters, place it from the outside using area technicians. And if it is true that the leaders of the party have denied the hypothesis of support from the outside, it is also true that the discontent and torments of a party that risks being perceived as good for all seasons are tangible. Going to government with Salvini could mean losing your identity. Not by chance Gypsies would have remarked to Draghi of the need for a “large” majority but “as homogeneous as possible”. More: terror the secretary of the Democratic Party is that the executive Draghi disrupts the Giallorossi coalition and render useless the work done so far.


Salvini’s opening to the executive Draghi has put the left of Parliament in crisis. “Never racists. Yes to the government but without Meloni and SalviniHe repeats Nicola Fratoianni. Meloni will not be there, but the League’s captain seems to be in the game. So how will it end? In those parts the pros and cons are evaluated. And it certainly will have weight the role of Roberto Speranza. The secretary of Article 1 is aware that if he said no to Draghi, the first consequence would be the end of his experience at the Ministry of Health.

Mixed government

Another point is that of government formation. It now seems certain that both technical and political will be part of it, but with a numerical prevalence of the former. A “mixed” executive With a technical prevalence it also allows to dilute the contrasts between the parties and the possible conflicts that would derive from a massive participation of politicians.

The program and the Constitution

The junction of the program is both technical and political. It will be dry and open to any contribution. But above all it will be Draghi’s program, which it is not by chance that he mentioned during the consultations Article 95 of the Constitution, to emphasize that the political direction of the government falls to him, who directs the general policy of the government and is responsible for it. “I’ll do the synthesis” he added on several occasions, letting us imagine that he will be the one to dissolve the necessary compromises, even on the basis of a personal program that he has not yet discovered. Farewell to the old majority leaders and the heads of delegations.

The reassurances to the parties

He gave some to everyone. On the environment and the ecological and digital transition, in continuity with the previous government, both at the Democratic Party and at the Five Stars. To the League showing a folder with the header of a tax reform on which he has not yet gone into details. Yet to the Five Stars agreeing that the Basic income you can “improve and strengthen”, that a measure is good in the first place if it works, an answer that also gave on the possible creation of an investment bank, “I am not against it, but to do what?”. In short, everything will be centered on pragmatic and concrete choices, stripped as much as possible of any ideological or identity caliber. A complex task, but for the former governor of the ECB at hand if pursued with simple common sense.

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