the months lost without involving the regions-

Finally the commissioners have arrived. In the midst of yet another institutional crisis with the resigning government. With the former premier Giuseppe Conte who on 21 January, after consulting the Ministry of Infrastructure, made their names public trying to undo the criticisms of Italia Viva. Too bad six months have passed since the Simplifications decree that streamlined the Procurement Code. A text that refers to the old unlocks Cantieri which introduces – no longer in derogation as was done for the new bridge in Genoa – the figure of the commissioners to speed up the process of carrying out the works. So six months still unproductive.

Go through yet another cost-benefit analysis, already done by the previous government with the then minister Toninelli and by all previous executives. In these months it was possible to use the Rup, the sole managers of the procedure: administrative figures who could have banned some lots without waiting for the umpteenth ride. What has been done on the Naples-Bari, on the Palermo-Catania and on the Verona-Fortezza for the connection with the Brenner tunnel. Too little given the historical defects that we carry with us.

The resigning government had not even reasoned yet with the regions. He did not listen to any president and this is why Parliament began to do so. Considering the degree of permanent litigation between the central state and local authorities, was it not convenient to think about it in recent months? For some, it would be necessary to think about the routes, many have multi-regional dimensions and there is a need for the maximum possible convergence on the part of local communities. For this reason it was not convenient to appoint among the commissioners also some mayor or governor of the region? In Genoa, with the mayor Marco Bucci, it worked. Why not replicate it? Only technical professionals with little or little knowledge of how a territory is involved were chosen.

Most of these works lack all financial coverage request. The Jonica state is missing 1 billion and a variant between Catanzaro and Crotone is being studied which would aggravate the bill by 1.1 billion. The expansion of the Salaria is missing 700 million. To Grosseto-Fano more than 1.5 billion. At the high speed Brescia-Verona-Padua there is a lack of funding of over 2.5 billion, especially for the last stretch from Vicenza to Padua. At the Brenner tunnel, starting from the Verona junction, still lacking in resources, the funds for the construction of the bypass around Bolzano are also only on paper. On the Salerno-Reggio Calabria at the crossroads up to Battipaglia only 10 million have been allocated.

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