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“I’m a pragmatist and a concrete person.” In the complicated path that leads the League towards Draghi government, One thing is certain: Matteo Salvini he will not be lured into the trap of excluding himself. Since Saturday, when he left Montecitorio after consultations with the president in charge, he has been very careful not to discover his side. Not even answered directly to Nicola Zingaretti when the dem secretary said that on the European Union “Salvini agreed with the Democratic Party”.
While also on the social leagues the discussion is tight: on the one hand the indignant at the possibility of finding themselves in government with the Democratic Party, on the other those in favor not to be cut off and in any case to count for something. He is calm: “I don’t have regular acquaintances with the Democratic Party, but we will have them.” As for Matteo Renzi, “I’ll see you in the Senate and we’ll be texting once.” And then with Luigi Di Maio. Messages, at the moment, also with Giorgia Meloni: with which, however, the Northern League leader will have to finalize the candidacies for the next administrative.

The Northern League leader, guest of Maria Latella on Radio24, he dismisses the accusation of turning the Union on without batting an eye: «I leave the labels to others: fascist, communist, pro-European. I am a pragmatic and concrete person. If with Professor Draghi we can talk about a tax cut to let people and businesses breathe, I’m okay ”. The new course is: “We are hands, feet, hearts and brains in Europe but of course I want a Europe that defends Italian businesses and agriculture”. Above all, there is the decisive credit opening a Mario Draghi: «With him you can stay in Europe with your head held high. I am not talking about immigration because they wanted to give us labels, but the protection of national interests coincides with that of European interests. In France, Spain or other countries, someone who defended the borders was convenient because they are not only Italians, but Europeans ».

Availability is maximum, even on flag issues. Even Quota 100, the Salvinian social security reform, can be the subject of discussion: «I never sit at the table with someone saying:“ It’s like this or pomì ”. I don’t say “I’m right or we all go home and take the ball away”. We – continues the Northern League secretary with a slightly Demitian expression – make reasoning. If the renewal of Quota 100 is at no cost, I don’t see why giving up a tool that gives breath to people who are at least 62 years old and have worked for 38 years “.

The opening to Draghi is unreserved, except for the possibility that a government of national unity born under the sign of the emergency could implement system reforms. On Saturday Salvini had expressed some doubts about the reform of justice, but in the League many are also thinking of something else. For example, the reform of the electoral law in a proportional sense. Very authoritative leagues define it simply as “unthinkable”.

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