Who is Renato Brunetta, Minister of Public Administration in the Draghi- Corriere.it government

Renato Brunetta, 70, Venetian, returns to the government after nine years. New Minister of Public Administration in the government led by Mario Draghi (here the list with all the ministers), he had been the holder of the same department between 2008 and 2011, in the executive headed by Silvio Berlusconi.

For years, he had started his career in politics as an economic consultant for the Socialist party in the Eighties.

He is married to Tommasa Giovannoni Ottaviani, known as Titti.

In recent days he had called Mario Draghi “a ray of light” and had said he was ready to take up the post of minister. “I get hundreds of phone calls, all in favor,” he told Corriere del Veneto.

“I have known Draghi for a lifetime, I think of the years in which he was governor of the Bank of Italy, I saw him every month,” Brunetta said again in the same interview. As a minister? “Yes, we met regularly to discuss the state of health of the country. With a curtain in which they argued about who should go to whom. It ended with me saying: “Professor, I’m coming because I’m younger” … even if only three years. For Draghi I have only one possible comparison in mind: Guido Carli. In international fora, he caused genuine terror to his interlocutors with a single glance, ending by quoting Hegel or Kant in German. Here, Draghi is of that dough there. Having the best, most appreciated and important central banker of his generation at his disposal to get Italy out of the disaster of the pandemic and bankruptcy … how can you say no? ».

And when asked if he expected the post of minister, a few days ago, he explained: «Whoever enters pope leaves cardinal. The government must have the best of the best: great managers, great scientists. I can consider myself satisfied, in my 70 years I have done a lot and I could say “that’s enough” but as long as I have head, heart and legs I remain at the disposal of the country ».

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