In the Draghi government there is no woman from the Pd-

It unleashes protests and controversies in the party the absence of PD women in the government. The Democratic Party has in fact three ministers in the government (Franceschini, Orlando, Guerini: here is the complete list), but there are no women.

Among the first to stigmatize him, immediately after reading the list of ministers, the former holder of Education Valeria Fedeli, not even one in my party.

As the hours went by the choir got louder and louder. A wound defines the spokesperson for the women’s conference dem, Cecilia D’Elia. And the deputies of the Democratic Party recall how competence and passion of women have been left at stake.

Anna Ascani relaunches: We must work on a female leadership, otherwise nothing will change.

Men also add their own voice to that of their dem colleagues. The president Anci regrets, Antonio Decaro: Maybe women will have to organize themselves into a current to count.

Respect for gender equality is a founding value of the Democratic Party, not surprisingly clearly written in its statute. That it is denied in such a brutal way is not a problem for the women of the Democratic Party. a problem of the Democratic Party. And quite large too, he writes Matteo Orfini.

Disappointed – due to a direct comparison with what happened in Forza Italia – too Lia Quartapelle. Our statute provides for half of the offices for women. If we had behaved like Forza Italia today we would be talking about a new government with 10 women and 13 men ministers, therefore a government perfectly in line with gender representation at the European level, he told Radio Popolare. And when faced with the question of whether Berlusconi was better than Zingaretti, from this point of view, the answer was dry: S. And he adds: Draghi also chose the technical ministers for important roles, ministries with portfolios. Cues could be taken from both the technical and the political side and unfortunately the Democratic Party did not do it because with us more than the rules of the statute, more than the values ​​prevails a logic of currents.

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