Napoli-Juventus, if the mother of all matches becomes a stepmother

twelve o’clock, February 13, 2021 – 08:39

of Monica Scozzafava

Napoli-Juventus everything and the opposite of everything: the mother of all matches becomes stepmother. The most fascinating challenge, the one that has always fed the hopes of the fans, gives the team an emotional as well as a mental boost, due to a series of circumstances, the match that can lead to collapse. Never ever would Rino Gattuso have wanted to challenge his friend Andrea Pirlo with counted men and above all with his fate hanging by a thread. It seems an eternity has passed since the first match, the first, which was to be played in October. Only five months have passed and all Gattuso’s certainties have collapsed: he would have challenged the anti-Covid health rules to go away to the Stadium, convinced that Naples could also have beaten the opponent. Today for the assault on Juventus, Napoli called in the meantime to a call of pride. To find strength in the desperation of the last resort. It is true for the coach who risks the bench, it is true for the players who have so far turned away and who would lose their dignity. The Champions area, at the time the minimum goal, not very far away but a further defeat would increase the gap from direct competitors. The dialogue with De Laurentiis, five months ago, was daily and the renewal of the contract was a formality; today the relations between the two are detached, words are limited to the essential. And if tonight the game does not turn out well, Captain Rino would risk sinking the ship he is desperately trying to take to a more peaceful port. With the breath on him of a square that has begun to contest him, with the pressure of having to win at all costs so as not to find himself at the door of Castel Volturno. With the strange (for him) feeling of not being able to find himself as the captain of so many impossible but won battles, as a median of strength and so many successes.

February 13, 2021 | 08:39


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