so we prevent the center-right and Renzi from taking over-

A sera,when Mario Draghi dissolved the reserve and presented the list of ministers,Nicola Zingaretti finally breathes a sigh of relief. The crisis has ended. «It was the most difficult challenge: an unprecedented team. We have placed full confidence in the Prime Minister. And now we are collecting the results for a serious role we have played », murmurs the secretary as he listens to Mario Draghi. The dems focused on Dario Franceschini, Lorenzo Guerini and Andrea Orlando. E Franceschini, Guerini e Orlando they are ministers. “In a narrow and very difficult passage – says the dem secretary – the Democratic Party has maintained a great unity, which has allowed it to position itself well and to play a positive role. It was not taken for granted. It was another important test that re-proposes the Democratic Party as a central force for change ».

But isn’t Zingaretti worried about the creaks that are heard in the 5 Star Movement? «The split of Di Battista from the M5S – replies the secretary of the Democratic Party – confirms how much the adhesion of this movement to the Draghi government was suffered. In the end, the majority that prevailed was largely favored by a wise unitary strategy that also saw us as protagonists. Which confirms, once again, how ridiculous the accusation against us of subordination was ». Yes, “subordination” is an objection that has been addressed several times to Zingaretti and that burns him. He does not repent, on the contrary he is convinced that the attitude held up to now by his party is fundamental in order not to shift the axis of the government. So the secretary of the Democratic Party is not afraid that this Draghi executive could disrupt the political structures known so far? “Our estate and also in the end the choice made by the 5 Star and Leu Movement – he says sure – are preventing the Lega, Forza Italia and Italia viva from representing the experience of the Draghi government in a single sense,” marking too much identity and profile ».

But this is still an executive that is not based on political formulas, so the Giallorossi alliance risks falling apart: “Now – is his reasoning – there are the conditions because, despite the difficulties deriving from the model of a government” without political configuration “and with the presence of the League, a homogeneous area characterized by common values ​​and the common government experience of the last year and a half “. The day before yesterday, in his speech to the leadership of the Democratic Party, Zingaretti hinted that one of the objectives of Matteo Renzi’s opening of this crisis was to hit the Giallorossi alliance. Do you really believe it? To hear him, yes he thinks so. And he strongly reiterates it: “We must know that having thrown Italy into the crisis had the objective of hitting the very political alliance that saved the country from the populist tide and that had seen the Democratic Party, despite 11% of the representation in Senate due to the 2018 defeat, become the political cornerstone of the democratic camp. Electorally growing and politically central ».

Is there only this or does Zingaretti believe that there was also another reason behind the decision to send the Conte government home? “The political objective – is the prompt response of the dem secretary – was to deconstruct the whole of the Italian political system, blurring the boundaries between the democrats and the right”. But if this were really the case, we would return to the previous question: what will the Democratic Party do in the face of this disruption of the “old” political structures? “We are in the conditions – is the conviction of the secretary of the Democratic Party – to defeat these attempts. Through our total generosity towards the Draghi government and through the strengthening of our programmatic, cultural and political autonomy that we will enforce in Parliament “. But doesn’t Zingaretti think that with the Draghi government, politics is at least temporarily put in the attic? «The next ones – underlines the dem secretary – will not be months of a political” strike “. On the contrary, we will be the first and most consistent in pushing the government to deal with the Italian emergencies and at the same time we will work to make the profile of the Democratic Party, its identity and its roots in society clearer. Now the priority objective is to save the younger generations who cannot be the heirs of the economic and social disaster alone. So school, university and work must be the main objectives to give children that new freedom that otherwise risks being denied ». But what will happen to the electoral reform and the other reforms on which the Democratic Party was aiming so much? «We will launch a constituent challenge in these months. That is, parliamentary work between all political forces capable of making Italian institutions more robust, defining an electoral law that gives greater representation, accompanied by reforms capable of making the form of government more stable ”, is Zingaretti’s reply to this question.

In all this shortly there will be the Administrative, how will the Democratic Party prepare for these appointments? «Yes – explains Zingaretti – we will also face administrative electoral tests of great importance. In full respect of the territories, we will undertake to relaunch a strong unitary vocation open to political, civic experiences and great democratic personalities ».

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