The Italvolt battery gigafactory now focuses on Italy. Factory of 3 thousand people –

A mega battery factory in Italy, the largest in Southern Europe, the twelfth in the world. The project – we learn – would have reached its final stages by now and Italvolt, the newco created by Lars Carlstrom, Swedish entrepreneur, founder and shareholder of Britishvolt, the company that in Northumberland, Great Britain, wants to erect a 2.6 billion pound gigaplant by 2023.

Italvolt would be choosing between three sites – Piedmont, Campania and Calabria – to build a plant with an annual production rate of up to 45 Gigawatt hours and therefore would need about 100 hectares of surface, thus employing some three thousand people and, according to estimates, another 15 thousand in the related industries. The Italian gigafactory aims to intercept the large European automotive market, where the fourth world manufacturer has just made its appearance with Stellantis. And to do this in the best possible way, he would also like to have a research center of 20 thousand square meters. The idea is to boost the creation of a European chain for the electric car. The operation would initially be financed by Italvolt and then collect from other investors the capital necessary to start work on one of the three Italian sites and to see the plant ready for 2023. The figure would be in the order of a few billion just look at the counterpart overseas investment and that of Tesla in Brandenburg.

The timing is not just in this affair, given that in recent weeks, governments and companies have been pushing the accelerator of the battery sector. According to a study by McKinsey, in fact, in 2040 the demand alone for electric vehicles assembled in Europe will reach 1,200 Gigawatt hours per year, while a dossier of 8 February by Roland Berger announces – on the expansionary push of renewables and the consequent collapse in prices of the large storage players, with a trend of vertical and horizontal consolidation. A few weeks ago the Chinese of Faw have announced 1 billion investment to produce electric cars in Emilia and just yesterday Comau, the automation and robotics company of the Stellantis group, joined the European Battery Alliance (Eba) and the Batteries European Partnership Association (Bepa), of which Carlo Novarese – global competence center batteries manager of Comau – elected member of the board of directors. Furthermore, Italy has announced its participation in the IPCEI (Important Projects of Common European Interest) on batteries, which has obtained the green light from the European Commission, with 12 companies and 2 research centers for an investment of over one billion euros.

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