Who is Vittorio Colao, Minister for the digital transition of the Draghi- Corriere.it government

To lead the digital transition, the new Prime Minister Mario Draghi has chosen Vittorio Colao. It is the super manager’s revenge after the experience at the helm of the Task Force for the restart in Phase 2: called in April 2020 to lead the team of 17 experts who should have drawn the plan to revive the economy in the so-called phase two , after the terrible spring of Covid, the Colao project had been put in the drawer by the then premier Giuseppe Conte. Now it could be an important part of the new Next Generation Eu, which Draghi obviously wants to rewrite, with the new team.

That plan attacked the main evils of the Italian delay, starting from the crucial sectors that according to Colao needed to be modernized and reorganized in the light of new needs and the digital revolution. Here they are: business and work; infrastructure and environment; tourism, art and culture; public administration; instruction; research and skills; individuals and families.

Ithe digital transition ministry seems tailor-made for Colao, a great supporter of the digital revolution, when in Italy the majority of people tried to resist change. Colao, on the other hand, has always preached digital first, by training and conviction. The manager, born in Brescia 59 years ago, former carabiniere (proud), has built most of his career at Vodafone, which he drove first in Italy and then globally until May 2018. In between a brief experience driving Rcs MediaGroup, publisher of Corriere della Sera. First Bocconi University, an MBA from Harvard and a working debut at McKinsey.

After leaving Vodafone, Colao remained to live in London with his family. Currently senior advisor to the American private equity fund General Atlantic. A great sportsman and health enthusiast (he practices cycling and windsurfing and does not drink alcohol), Colao a supporter of the career of women in the workplace and smart working, which he introduced to Vodafone when he was in London, thus managing to transfer to the center the group’s headquarters, first located one hour from the capital, as this mode requires less office space and therefore lower costs.

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