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ROMA He asked for it. He got it. And now Silvio Berlusconi satisfied: Yes, I am. We emerge from the crisis exactly as we had asked before all the others: with a high profile government that unites the country in a moment of emergency.

There are technicians and there are politicians: balanced mix?
Honestly, the “mix” between technicians and politicians is not an exciting game. The government was built by President Draghi who decided to indicate ministers he liked beyond the indications of the parties. After all, what I myself had suggested.

Are you also satisfied with the weight each party has in the government? There are several reconfirmations: Di Maio, Franceschini, Speranza …
Draghi made balanced choices. My critical judgment of the Conte government concerned its overall profile, not the individual figures. The reconfirmed ministers, moreover, are among those most representative of the respective political forces.

The FI delegation the one you indicated?
I shared the choices made by the Prime Minister on the basis of our indications. I am sure of the quality of FI ministers, each of them part of our history and having the experience, competence, and civil passion necessary to do an excellent job at this stage. I also emphasize with pride that FI expresses the largest female presence in the government. Two out of three of our ministers are women.

For FI there is a certain discontent over the choice of members of the Chamber, all of the more moderate wing of the party.
I don’t want to, but once again I have to reject this representation of FI. We do not have a “moderate” wing as opposed to a “sovereign” wing. All FI part of the center-right that we have founded and there is no differentiation. In the center-right FI not subordinate to anyone, on the contrary it aspires to return to play a driving role, not only politically but also in terms of numbers. We have a role that is quite distinct from that of our allies in terms of culture, political style, reference values. We are liberals, Catholics, pro-Europeans, guarantors. We opposed the Conte government, while maintaining a responsible attitude. From the first day of the crisis, we have asked for a solution of national unity such as the one achieved by giving life to the Draghi government, to which we have ensured full and convinced support from the outset. I challenge you to point out anyone among us who has not shared or does not recognize today in any of these choices.

But for this very reason, did he expect some heavier minister?
From the beginning I invited the Prime Minister to take into account the indications of the parties, but to choose in full autonomy. I am glad you took my advice. As for the ministries assigned to Forza Italia, the South, the Public Administration and the Regions are key issues in the Draghi government’s greatest bet, the use of the Recovery fund. The relationship with the Regions, then, has been one of the key issues in the last year on the front of the fight against the pandemic.

How did you experience the jabs of the M5S towards you and your party?
Infantile and immature impulses, which do not deserve attention. I do not agree with the Five Stars, as is well known, but the majority of them have put aside these attitudes and have taken the path of responsibility at this time. Obviously, as soon as this phase is over, our paths will divide again.

Do you expect the government to take action above all on economic and health emergencies in a limited time rather than a term or even far-reaching reforms?
Unfortunately, I fear that dealing with economic and health emergencies is anything but a short-term program.

The delicate ministries such as Justice and the Interior have chosen to entrust them to authoritative technicians: do you agree?
Yes, on such delicate issues any party choice would have given rise to greater difficulties. President Draghi has chosen two high-profile figures who guarantee an excellent job.

What role will you personally cut out with respect to this government, which sees you as protagonists after 7 years?
It will be the strongest supporter of the Draghi government if, as I believe, it truly represents a change of pace. The presence of Forza Italia ministers is already a guarantee in this sense.

There are no leaders in the government, from Salvini to Zingaretti: does it facilitate or weaken the government’s action?
I said it from the beginning: the role of leaders at this very different time. The government needs ministers who are committed full time to their dossiers and not to the leadership of their respective political forces.

How does the center-right come out of this passage? Do you think the alliance can withstand the shock, despite Giorgia Meloni’s no? possible that in two years the political system is disjointed compared to today?Two years in politics is a very long time, so I don’t venture into these prophecies. I can only say that Giorgia Meloni’s choices do not in any way question the reasons for the center-right alliance, which will present itself together with the voters starting from the next administrations.

As Draghi, what would be the first thing you would do in the morning?
Tomorrow (today for the reader, ed) Sunday: I would go to mass at dawn and pray with particular fervor, because the task that awaits us is such as to make the veins in the wrists tremble. My friend Mario will need all the help he can get, including from heaven.

What if you were to give him advice on how to lead an anomalous government and what mistake not to make?
Not to get lost in the mediations. I hope that all political forces are in government not to put obstacles but to make a constructive contribution. for it is necessary that the premier find the synthesis in every problem and send government action forward. After all, Draghi has shown that he knows how to manage complex situations, in Italy and in Europe. This is why I have always supported him. Don’t fail this time either.

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