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Vicenza lawyer, born in 1971, Erika Stefani the new minister of disability policies of the Draghi government. Stefani entered politics at the administrative offices in 1999 as a councilor of the Municipality of Trissino and after a long career she arrived in Parliament in 2013. In June 2018 she was appointed minister of the first yellow-green government led by Giuseppe Conte and now she is back in office to deal with the delicate issue of disabilities at Carroccio altitude. She deals a lot with justice and autonomy.

Born on July 18, 1971 a Valdagno, in the Vicenza area, Stefani studied law at the University of Padua. entered politics at the administrative in 1999 with a civic list as councilor of the Municipality of Trissino (a small municipality also in the province of Vicenza). From this point on, his was a long career matured at the level administrative and territorial. And the approach to League arrived running. In the 2009 municipal elections she presented herself as a candidate of the Carroccio in Trissino, was elected and held the offices of deputy mayor and city planning councilor. The real political turning point only took place in 2013, when she was elected senator to politics with the center-right coalition.

During the legislature, it was vice president member of the Ln-Aut group since 15 July 2014, member of the elections and parliamentary immunity committee, member of the justice commission. In addition, he was a member of the parliamentary commission of inquiry into femicide and on all forms of gender-based violence; the Parliamentary Committee for Prosecution Proceedings; of the parliamentary committee for children and adolescents. He was also a member of the commission of inquiry into kidnapping and on the death of Aldo Moro.

In the elections of 4 March 2018 she repeated the success obtained in previous policies and was re-elected in the single-member constituency of Vicenza. Then he landed, with Giuseppe Conte, in the ministry called to deal with relations with the Regions. Now get back on the court with Draghi. Only Thursday Matteo Salvini had returned to propose to do born again the ministry for disabilities. Stefani, who dealt a lot with justice, femicides and autonomies, during her first experience as a minister, had also presented the initiatives for accessible tourism, defining them as an opportunity for inclusion social.

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