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In one of Roberto Cingolani’s five lives (promising cyclist with a passion for graphics, scientist at the Max Planch Institute, startupper of the IIT of Genoa, head of Leonardo’s innovation and now minister) there is an anecdote that few know which explains why the man of impossible missions: when the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa was set up in 2005, based on an idea by Vittorio Grilli, an exception was raised on him. Cingolani had already founded the National Nanotechnology Laboratory of Lecce from scratch and had worked, before the age of thirty, in Stuttgart under the direction of the Nobel Prize in Physics Klaus von Klitzing. But he had been full professor for too little time and at the University of Salento. In other words, he was not a man of the Academy. An original sin that has never taken for granted for certain environments, despite the results.

Fortunately (not only his) the issue quickly faded into the background also because the IIT was born (these were the words of the then Minister of Economy, Giulio Tremonti) to counterbalance the universities that were too bureaucratic to transfer innovation and technology.

The first clue, for those who overcome the obstacle of frankness, therefore the temper (Cingolani a bulldozer everyone recognizes: without him the project would have run aground). The second clue is the passion for thermodynamics. For those who want to understand why Draghi has entrusted the unprecedented Ministry of Ecological Transition to a physicist, a precious element comes from a recent lesson by Cingolani himself: Sustainability in digital means reducing the energy impact of cloud computing as much as possible. But when dealing with heavy, precision or aerospace industry, you have to fight with thermodynamics. Italy is an industrial country, for those who have forgotten it. Not Silicon Valley that has everything built in China. Here is an outline of an Italian plan: to save the company. Like? With cloud computing, digital twins and super computing, that is digital applied to the Italian industry. Moreover, those who know him know that when he said I’m going to work yesterday he was not joking: I sleep little, on average four and a half hours. A fortune: so I can read a lot. From politics to Nesbo and Carofiglio. For music: Dire Straits and Neil Young up to Pavarotti.

His ministry’s challenge will be to attract and justify European recovery fund capital. Brussels had been clear, even if the Conte government had pretended not to understand it: the money will come for green and digital projects. If anything, the difficulty will be to give birth to a ministry by fitting together pieces of other departments, such as Infrastructure and Economic Development. Here too: it will be a fight against bureaucracy. But the third clue will help him: I love two wheels, cycling and motorcycles. As Einstein said, life like the bicycle: to stay in balance you always have to move.

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