Who is Luciana Lamorgese, Minister of the Interior of the Draghi- Corriere.it government

In the eighteen months of the government led by Giuseppe Conte, Luciana Lamorgese, 67 years old, she had the merit of managing the emergencies linked first to the arrival of migrants and then to the pandemic from Covid 19 in a balanced way. This is also why she was confirmed by Mario Draghi in the same position: that of Minister of the Interior (here the complete list).

Born in Potenza on 11 September 1953, married with two children, Luciana Lamorgese was one of the few technicians in a government led by the Democratic Party and the 5-star Movement. Her last assignment was that of prefect in Milan and when she was thinking of enjoying her retirement she was called back into service at the helm of the Interior Ministry. In the first months it had to face the attacks of Matteo Salvini and the accusations of a too soft line in the matter of landings, but you went straight ahead thanks to the agreements concluded in Brussels and above all the support of the entire executive.

Until the pandemic then forced everyone to rewrite the list of priorities and Lamorgese managed the planning of checks first during the lockdown and then during the summer, when the desire for freedom led to the reopening of the discos by order of the governors and to trips to the abroad which then made the list of infections soar up to the second and dramatic second wave. We can never be inflexible, he repeats despite the conviction that he does not want to transform the country into a police state and therefore succeeding in combining severity with an understanding attitude towards citizens. A line that he always wanted to be emphasized in the circulars that his cabinet issued to correctly apply the Dpcm.

He held the position of prefect of Milan from 2017 to October 2018.

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