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As soon as he entered politics, he was called a Christian Democrat. Not only because of the sober elegance and the hair that is never out of place, but because it is considered the most moderate of revolutionaries. Definitions that are not compliments for those arriving in politics with the baggage of the Jacobin radicalism of the first 5 stars. But in reality it is a praise, if it is interpreted with the criterion of politics as the art of mediation. Luigi Di Maio was born on 6 July 1986 in Avellino. (Here the list of ministers of the Draghi government).

Son of a former manager of the MSI, he made his debut by running for city councilor in Pomigliano d’Arco: he got only 59 votes. Then the arrival in Parliament and the very fast career: at 26 the youngest vice president of the Chamber, then Minister of Labor and Economic Development, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. In 2017 he was elected political leader. In January 2020, he resigns.

He willingly accepts the government contract with the League and embarks on a tough campaign against the Pd of Bibbiano. In May 2018 he asked for the impeachment of the head of state. This is not the only error in which he becomes the protagonist together with his friend-enemy Alessandro Di Battista, with whom he goes to France to meet the most extreme yellow vests. In recent months he has been the protagonist of a leadership duel with Giuseppe Conte.

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