Bassolino candidate for mayor, 5 years later the photo is the same. And also the controversies

twelve o’clock, February 15, 2021 – 12:23 pm

Attack by Mola (husband of Valente): “Seniors who do not know how to age” And reactions of the Bassolinians, Allodi: “A fall in style”

of Simona Brandolini

Five years later the photo is the same. The claim and the color are different. In truth, the political perimeter is above all different, given that Antonio Bassolino for the first time is a candidate outside his party to which he belongs, with a strongly civic alliance. Maybe that’s why he went from the red of the primaries to the blue Naples. From “I’m back there” (playing on his old experience) to the immediate “For Naples” of the new electoral campaign.

In blue the new slogan, in red that of the past elections
In blue the new slogan, in red that of the past elections

Not without aftermath and controversy. Which, of course, are housed among the former “comrades”. Gennaro Mola, former Iervolinian councilor and husband of Senator Valeria Valente (among other things, one of the eligible undersecretaries of Justice), yesterday posted a lapidary on fb: «Elderly people who don’t know how to age. How sad ». The reaction was immediate and not only of the Bassolinians. Lello D’ambrosio for example: «This seems to me a fall in style and also out of place, honestly. Especially after the disasters of 2016 that we paid bitterly ». Bruna Fiola: «How sad this comment». Guglielmo Allodi: «Frankly, I am speechless. You were once a polite and savvy person. Now you join in petty vulgarity. It’s true, in life you never stop learning ». Bernardino Tuccillo: «Gennaro, I’m sorry, we’ve known each other for a long time, but you’ve had a fall in style ..». Gianfranco Wurzburger: «You are a veteran of politics, this post is out of place, you should know! Delete it that you look good. After all, you can always make a mistake ». And so on posting. The mood is that of reprimand.

So much so that a second post arrives for clarification from Mola: “After a long experience crowned by political responsibilities and almost all institutional positions, for almost an entire life it is really necessary to try to impose today with a self-nomination for mayor, in a political scenario as delicate as the Neapolitan one of the next administrative elections? With a PD still busy looking for a candidate able to hold together the greatest number of forces possible, a coalition that does not yet exist and that will certainly encounter further difficulties in composing itself, with the only probable effect of only making it more chaotic and fragmented the scenario? As I see it, as a party man who has always been, to be clear, even a ninety-year-old, if called by his party to be a candidate, would do well to do so (assuming he had the physical strength, knowing what it means to administer a cities like Naples) and I would be proud to support him, but if this is not the case, I believe that, in general and especially at a certain age, there is only a need for great generosity and willingness to favor the path of others. This is my thought! And I remain polite as always, dear Guglielmo Allodi. If you have the city in your heart, you cannot at the same time have the obsession with playing a game that with very high probability that city can only damage it. Therefore, maximum respect for the choices of others, but maximum respect I believe also deserves those who do not share those choices ». Guglielmo Allodi also replies: «You could have talked about politics, but you chose the insult. Now correct, fine. But all your reasoning does not hold up, first of all because there is no analysis of reality, then because it does not deal with concrete action and a legitimate aspiration to give a new future to a tormented city. What is the proposal of the PD? What are the strategic choices for the city? I read the press release this evening and it doesn’t say a word. There is fear of a unanimity of a virtual party. Yet in recent months Bassolino has stubbornly sought a comparison of merit. Today it was recognized that there is no common ground. I hope that there will be Naples in the future ».

February 15, 2021 | 12:23


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