MotoGp, Yamaha with Viñales and Quartararo restarts with young people (and without Valentino Rossi) –

The official Yamaha restarts without Valentino Rossi. The beginning of a new cycle for the Japanese company. That of young people, represented by Maverick Viales and Fabio Quartararo. Even if only the jacket and the color of the Frenchman’s bike were formally changed, Rossi’s exit and the entry of the 21-year-old from Nice (born to Italian parents who emigrated from Sicily) lived as a new era. Lin Jarvis, managing director of the team, does not hide it: Fabio is already a superstar, with all the credentials to aim for the title. Of course it will be an important generational change and not seeing Rossi with our colors anymore will be strange, but I think Valentino will be able to do just as well with the Petronas team.

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Young people

The new Yamaha couple, overall, does not exceed in fact the 47 years of age, five more than I will make tomorrow February 16th veteran Rossi. Who, as announced, will pass the baton with the Frenchman by joining his friend Franco Morbidelli in the Malaysian team Petronas. Valentino will be racing with a fully-fledged factory bike anyway will remain a point of reference (We will use his experience and skills to improve our bike, assured Yamaha Racing technical manager Takahiro Sumi). He will be like a third official driver, adds Lin Jarvis, but Japanese hopes are pinned above all on the two young people. The goal remains the same every season: to win the title. Last year we paid for the lack of consistency – stressed the team director Massimo Meregalli -, we suffered too much in some circuits and in different conditions (despite the seven overall victories, ed) but in Japan they found the direction to work on.

I ride

Maverick he will start as the first guide or at least as the most experienced of Iwata’s box. Until last year I was the young man, but that won’t change my goals. In 2020 I especially miss her lconsistently, we weren’t competitive on all circuits. Ergo, the Spaniard, freshly married with a very private ceremony, expects a qualitative leap on a technical level. Above all, he expects a more adaptable bike in all circuits, according to Meregalli. He is the one always concentrated, very demanding and focused on the goal, Jarvis’s X-ray which instead describes Quartararo as one who knows how to have fun running, but with enough experience to aim high. Two complementary characters, such as Rossi and Lorenzo in their day, two pilots anything but simple to manage together, in the opinion of the English manager.

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The different approach

The work system will also change, because Covid imposed a different approach last season and the situation this year may not be very different. Even if we have clearer ideas and at least a safe departure date (March 28 in Qatar, ed), he explained Jarvis. Quartararo si porter Diego Gubellini by Team Petronas, to have a reference in a whole new reality. I worked with him for two years – said Fabio -, the excellent understanding, with his help and the experience gained in the past season we can aim high. And especially I will be able to carve the bike on me. Of course, it will have a little more pressure than when I was running with Petronas. The Malaysian team will close the collaboration contract with the Japanese manufacturer at the end of the year. From April – Jarvis said – we will start talking about the renewal of our partnership, on which the shadow of VR46 by Valentino Rossi intending to enter MotoGp with its own structure. For now there is nothing said or done, Jarvis said. But an option to think about.

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