Ski lifts opening, then closing: what happened –

The very short period of time that separated the decision not to allow the reopening of the ski facilities in the regions in the yellow zone from the moment in which that reopening should have taken place has triggered a barrage of trips by the presidents of the Regions concerned and the trade associations.

We invested, we were prepared. Now who will pay us back for the damage suffered? ask hoteliers and plant managers.

A strong attack reached Rome.

For this Palazzo Chigi is trying to reconstruct what has happened in the last few days, also before the new government took office, up to the order signed by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, which set the reopening of the plants on March 5, decreeing in fact until the end of the season.

Decision shared with Prime Minister Mario Draghi, let us know from Palazzo Chigi. The data on the variants are worrying so much that France and Germany have taken similar measures, explains Speranza.

But the game is not closed, rather complicated by the utterances of Walter Ricciardi who invokes a lockdown and ends up in the crosshairs of the League. Ricciardi has nothing to do with the CTS – it is clarified – only a consultant of Speranza and speaks in this capacity, not on behalf of the Committee. Today, after speaking with the premier, Speranza will ask the CTS for maximum coordination.

So here’s what happened in the ten days between February 4th – when the first opinion on skiing arrived – and the February 14 when the stop was decided.

Ten days to decide

February 4th: CTS meeting for the final opinion on the ski facilities in the yellow and orange zone.

February 11th : Il Cabinet of Minister Speranza asks the CTS to re-evaluate the protocol of the ski lifts.

February 12: Meeting of the CTS that receives the document of the Higher Institute of Health on the variants which highlights a presence in 88% of the Regions with estimates of regional prevalence up to 59%. With a note sent to the Health, scientists reaffirm the strict observance of the measures and suggest avoiding new release measures. The address is clear, openings such as those of the ski resorts are at very high risk.

February 13: The Cts – at the request of the minister – urgently approves the point relating to the danger of a loosening of the ski facilities and once again reiterates that the decision is up to politics. Informally transmits the minutes to the cabinet of the minister.

February 14: The report is registered in the morning. In the afternoon comes the order to stop skiing. The anger of the governors and managers explodes.

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