the calendar of the Senate and Camera-

With the oath in the hands of the President of the Republic – and the subsequent rite of delivery of the bell by the outgoing premier Giuseppe Conte (HERE the video story of the day) – the government of Mario Draghi officially entered in full swing. However, a further formal step remains to be made, namely the vote of confidence of the two Chambers. The Constitution provides that this transition takes place within 10 days of taking office.

The first appointment will be at Senate, based on the practice that provides for alternation (for Count II the first vote was in the House). The assembly of Palazzo Madama called for Wednesday morning at 10. The agenda includes communications from the Prime Minister, who will essentially present the government program and ask for confidence on that, and the general discussion on the issue. The day, as always in these cases, promises to be particularly long. After Draghi’s intervention, a brief suspension of the works is foreseen to allow the premier to deposit the programmatic lines also to Camera, who will deal with it the following day, however: the session a Deputies convened for Thursday at 11.30.

Draghi will return to the Senate around noon for the debate to begin. The discussion will see the participation of all the senators who wish to speak, with tight deadlines established by the presidential office. There are a couple of breaks in the session to allow the classroom to be sanitized. The explanations of vote they are expected in the late afternoon. The actual vote will instead begin around 20.30. Voting takes place for roll call: a letter of the alphabet will be extracted and that will determine the start of the call: it starts with the senators who have the surname that begins with the extracted letter, followed by all the others in alphabetical order. provided that the appeal be repeated twice, to allow even senators who were temporarily absent, to participate in the vote. The same pattern will be repeated the following day in the Chamber.

For Draghi expect a very broad trust, given that the majority that makes up the current government is made up of different political forces and, moreover, the Constitution itself provides that voting against involves the obligation to resign (it goes without saying, however, that a government without paper votes to have their measures approved and consequently, and in fact, resignations always occur when the numbers are not there). But this will not be the case. There will be no surprises about the final outcome, but the decision of groups of senators to vote in disagreement with the party to which they belong will assume great political importance. In particular, the spotlight is on the group of Five stars, crossed by days of splitting winds, and on the group of Leu, which registered discontent among the Italian Left component.

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