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Mayor Sala, a year ago you asked for a government of the best. Is this the government of the best?
a government that must be supported at all costs. Better let him work, before shooting judgments.

A judgment on names can already be given.
I see some positive things. There are key competences among the technicians brought on board. In some decisive roles there are very capable people.

Then there are the politicians.
The government is the result of the necessary search for balance between the various parties. I allow myself to make one criticism: too much difference between men and women. And I think it is more the fault of the parties than of Draghi.

In particular of his, Sala. The Democratic Party has three out of three men. With Leu they make four out of four. The women of the Democratic Party are angry.
And they are right. Just get angry. a delusion. This is the turn of the stigmatization of the Democratic Party; but first touched to others. just the culture of the parties that so. In Europe there are countries led by strong women; but from the cultural point of view the only exception are the European Greens, which by statute and by will have given themselves a gender balance.

But we are not in Brussels or Berlin.
I repeat that a disappointing passage. For not all of the PD so. In Milan out of 21 municipal councilors of the Democratic Party, eleven are women. The come in balance, the deputy mayor a woman.

Zingaretti announces that all the undersecretaries will be women.
I hope this is the last time you can make such mistakes.

There are a lot of women on the city council because the law provides for parity in the list.
Yes, but point how you choose. The risk of women becoming fillers. Mine will have two capilista, and number 1 will be a woman, Martina Riva, who at 27 already has a great deal of political experience. I turn to all the lists that support me: I will go and look at the quality of the offer, I will verify that there are women capable of taking votes and taking responsibility. We must set a good example: I intend to work even more on equality in the next mandate.

There is not only the Municipality, there are the companies: Atm, Sea, A2a. Where men command.
More needs to be done, in terms of management, and also of purchases, contracts, tenders. right to give contracts to female companies. Today 40 percent of the managers of the Municipality of Milan are women. We have to work so that Milan becomes a city of equality.

But the price of the pandemic was paid mainly by women.
And at this rate it would take twenty years to reach the balance of political representation, and seventy years for equal pay. You have to accelerate; otherwise the game lost.

What will change with the recovery plan?
As I tend to be an infrastructure investment plan, it is possible that again male employment is privileged. I ask: do we just want to wash our conscience? Or are we convinced that there is an advantage in investing in women? I have no doubt that this advantage exists.

Let’s go back to the government. Are there too many politicians?
There were two possibilities: either a government of technicians only; or this government. At first I thought that the prime minister would have oriented himself towards a technical government; but when I saw Salvini’s move I imagined, as I believe so many, that it would end like this.

The majority is very large and varied. How to keep grillini and Berlusconi together on justice, Pd and Lega on migrants?
Every citizen will judge according to what he sees done. The real responsibility lies again with political parties and leaders. Seeing Salvini that five minutes after the birth of the government begins to attack Speranza and Lamorgese worries me. If Salvini has decided to join the majority, he must really change. Otherwise a problem.

Isn’t it good news that the League is giving up anti-Europeanism?
Salvini will be a special observed. Draghi’s pro-European choice is very clear, and so is that on the management of migratory flows: when Lamorgese confirms, because she thinks she has done a good job. Attacking it is an attitude that Salvini shouldn’t allow himself, and not just because he doesn’t attack his own successors. The Northern League ministers should not allow it.

Can the national model all inside be replicated even in Milan?
Absolutely not. It would not be possible or even useful, no one would understand it. My team made, and a center-left team: that of now, extended to the greens.

Have you talked to your friend Grillo these days?
I talked to everyone a bit. And everyone, faced with the initiative of the President of the Republic, found themselves in the position of not being able to pull back, except of course Brothers of Italy.

And did you talk to Draghi?
S. We heard and text during the formation of the government. I can only reiterate my deep esteem and the awareness that he was the only one who could do such a thing. On TV fifteen days earlier they had asked me if a new Conte government was the only solution; I had said no, thinking that there was no one better prepared than Draghi. We can only nurture hope.

The Democratic Party remained tied to the line for too long or Conte or elections?
Many have changed their minds. Many have now felt bound to have to be there. Let them work.

How was Milan, one year after the start of the pandemic, of which Lombardy was the Italian epicenter?
Milan placed like the other great cities of the world. In 2019 we had one million and 400 thousand inhabitants, plus about one million and 600 thousand people, including commuters and tourists, who arrived every day. The services – bars, restaurants, taxis … – were organized for three million people. At least a million gone. Tourism has disappeared and the vaccination campaign will not be enough to make it return immediately, it will take time to rebuild it. And the impact of smart working will not end with the pandemic, now that we have discovered that it can also work in another way.

What are you asking of the new government?
A quick and efficient management of the Recovery plan. The jobs that we are losing today do not recover in a short time. I, or whoever is elected mayor, will have the task of creating more work. I don’t think people won’t want to live in cities anymore, I don’t think Milan will pay for a permanent crisis. clear for that there will be a couple of years of great difficulty. And all the mayors are in the same condition.

How long will the Draghi government last?
The length of time in his head and what he can do. In one year it is possible to get out of the pandemic and set up the Recovery plan well. After that it is clear that we all want stability. But we are the country that had 70 governments in 75 years after the war.

And in Milan when do you vote for the mayor?
Net of particular situations related to Covid, I ask Draghi to vote at the natural deadline, that is, in May. I know that the Raggi agrees in Rome. I hear about postponing the elections to after the holidays. That’s no good. When you go to the election campaign, tensions increase, the functioning of the political machine becomes more complex. We can’t wait for the summer.

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