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Not even Massimiliano Cencelli, author of a manual that is pulled out whenever a government has to be formed, manages to unbalance the distribution of the 40 undersecretaries: «Once it was easier because there were parties. Now it’s even more complicated with my manual… ». Yet, according to the calculations that are running in these hours between the House and the Senate, the breakdown could be as follows: 13 to the M5S, 7 each to the Pd, Lega and Forza Italia, 2 to Italia viva and 1 to Leu 1. The remaining 3 should be intended for small parties (UDC, Democratic Center, + Europe-Action, Maie, Autonomie). Always if in the end technicians do not come up for sub-government posts. It is certain that Mario Draghi’s goal is to close the dossier within the week, after the vote of confidence in the Chamber and Senate.

Who goes up and who goes down

The Five Stars aspire to the box of the Ministry of the Interior, with Vito Crimi and Carlo Sibilia. Economic development seems to be made for Stefano Buffagni, outgoing deputy minister, who boasts an excellent relationship with Giancarlo Giorgetti. For the economy, the favorite is Laura Castelli, deputy minister of Roberto Gualtieri and undersecretary of Giovanni Tria. The prices of Senator Maria Domenica Castellone rise, undermining the reconfirmation of Pierpaolo Sileri at Salute; Luca Frusone could undermine Angelo Tofalo from Defense, while Francesca Businarolo points to the Ministry of Justice. Giancarlo Cancelleri (Infrastructure or South), Vittoria Baldino (Interior) and Luca Carabetta (Ecological transaction) remain on the field. The most complicated puzzle is on the table of Nicola Zingaretti who will have to hold together the gender issue – after the protest of the women of the Democratic Party – and the current balances. Matteo Mauri (Interior), Antonio Misiani (Economics), Marina Sereni (Foreign) and Anna Ascani (Education) aim for reconfirmation. Outgoing Andrea Giorgis (Justice), Simona Malpezzi (Relations with the Parliament), Gian Paolo Manzella (Mise), Sandra Zampa (Health), Alessia Morani (Mise) are vying for the post of undersecretary. Among the possible new entries Marianna Madia (Economics), Valeria Valente (Justice) and Chiara Braga (Environment).

Promised boxes

Matteo Salvini aims to place a guardian at the Ministry of the Interior. It was a two-way race between Nicola Molteni and Stefano Candiani for the Interior Ministry. Edoardo Rixi could return to the Infrastructures, where he already was in the days of the Count-1. While the name of Gian Marco Centinaio goes around for the Salute. Among the candidates for an economic ministry Massimo Bitonci, Alberto Gusmeroli and Erica Rivolta. For Forza Italia, Francesco Paolo Sisto, a long-time criminal lawyer and parliamentarian, is in pole position for the box of Undersecretary of Justice. Giacomo Caliendo, former undersecretary of Berlusconi IV in via Arenula, is also in the running. Valentino Valentini would have been promised the foreign box. While Maria Rizzotto would have chances for Health and Gabriella Giammanco for Equal Opportunities. Italia viva could collect two undersecretaries: Gennaro Migliore (Justice), Maria Elena Boschi (Foreign or Infrastructure), Ettore Rosato (Interior) are at stake. While for LeU run Rossella Muroni (Ecological transition), Cecilia Guerra (Economy) and Francesco Laforgia (Relations with Parliament).

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