Enginoli-Spada, two ranks for the presidency – Corriere.it

The race for the presidency of Assolombarda, the first territorial of Confindustria, gets to the heart. Two candidates who will present their programs today. Alessandro Spada, born in 1965, president of Assolombarda since May, that is, since Carlo Bonomi passed to the top of Confindustria. And Alessandro Enginoli, born in 1966, past president of the Small Industry of Assolombarda itself. The comparison is played on the role that the association should have in the management of the emergency and in the post-pandemic reconstruction.

In addition to their age and solid associative past, the two candidates also have in common the sector of origin, the mechanical one. Enginoli founded Biostrada in 2007, a company that develops road sweepers for large companies, airports, ports, municipal companies. Spada on the board of Vrv, a company specializing in the design and construction of pressure vessels for the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries that the family has recently sold. In Assolombarda represented the industry of Milan but also that of Lodi, Monza, Pavia. To win the majority of about 185 votes in the council it will be necessary on the one hand to interpret the demands of these territories as well. On the other hand, winning the support of the big Milanese industry.

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