«Hope under stress, it must be helped. And new energy is needed in the CTS »- Corriere.it

Words of support for Health Minister Roberto Speranza and the CTS, behind which the intention to “help” both the minister and the committee with support not unwelcome to the League seems to be recognized. So today Matteo Salvini: «Health Minister Roberto Speranza lived under pressure for a year, I do not envy him and we will try to support him from all points of view, but it is not possible that there are doctors on Covid who say the opposite. The Cts? It could be replenished and reinforced with new energies and in the background there is a vaccination plan that must run. I know many primaries who do not comment on Covid on television but fight it in hospital wards “. Translation: a Northern League Undersecretary for Health and doctors in the CTS appreciated by the Carroccio secretary?

“Arcuri? Something’s wrong “

Salvini, answering questions about Radio Capital, he said: “There is a time when we need to lay down the hatchet of the parties, work together and talk about health and employment.” The leader of the League criticizes Domenico Arcuri’s vaccination management: «He should guarantee Arcuri, but if he guarantees vaccines like schools and Ilva, helping him is a duty. Change it? Draghi will know how to make his choices, I’m working on my job, ”added the leader of the League. The theme, that of work, which Salvini said he had spoken above all on Monday during a meeting with Nicola Zingaretti, secretary of the Democratic Party (“We must guarantee social peace to the country and a political peace to the Prime Minister”), he announced). Speaking of Arcuri, Salvini then specified: “One who prepares the ban for vaccine sheds while there is no vaccine is like one who makes the house and starts from the fireplace, something is not turning”.

“Stop the Conte-Casalino model”

Furthermore, in the opinion of the former deputy minister: «The Conte-Casalino model of the announcement on Sunday evening for the Monday rules, can no longer exist. I think that President Draghi, as soon as he is in office, will change several situations in terms of timing. You can make a choice if people’s health is involved but you have to communicate this choice in time ».

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