«Parallel absurd and unfair. We are at the World Cup, not in a race of the c … »- Corriere.it

The furious Federica. Other than the Orlando dell’Ariosto… «Welcome to the most unfair and absurd race of the year. I am black. Excuse me, I’m sorry, a beautiful gold medal has arrived, but I haven’t finished complaining yet “he says Federica Brignone releasing thoughts, words (even some bad word for which this time it is justified) and one inner anger that we hope the fruits of a positive reaction when on Thursday 19 February he will be back on track for the giant.

But first of all we need to do some order on this botched parallel on which also hovers the suspicion that the‘Equally finale is due to the will of do not displease mighty Austria (but one could also say to Italy, which plays at home).

The first shock comes fromyet another change of rules by the FIS, which seems to have not yet found a point of balance for a competition designed for television formats and to replace the longer and more complicated combined. For a change, then, i federal have changed the morning qualifying formula, among other things on a track prepared elsewhere (Le Cinque Torri) and with a different snow from that of the finals (there were sheets of ice, on the Tofane the surface was softer). But on the location, go ahead.

The novelty that has upset many is that as a rule in the World Cup there is a descent against time and the 16 best qualify for the final stage. Al Global it was decided to keep the concept of the single timed run, but supporting the competitors in pairs, one on the blue track and one on the red one. They went down two by two at the same time, but each block made its own story: the first 8 of the blue and the first 8 of the red were admitted to the final draw. The system was more selective and also had a drawback: seeing an opponent alongside you, even if it was irrelevant in this phase with respect to your game, you risked losing concentration. Bassino, who qualified for just one cent on Della Mea, he has admitted having seen Vlhova – coming down beside him – go out of track. And for this reason it risked disuniting.

But the real trouble happened to the afternoon. It is practically impossible to define two identical paths. But this time the red track was much faster than the blue. In this sensationally unbalanced situation, the philosophy of a rule designed to keep alive the interest also for the second descent of each heat duel also jumped. Or: if you lose, and even if you fall, you don’t take more than half a second.

At the restart the gate opens later and at that point, Fr.agata the penalty, the race continues in real situation. Vince not who has the best sum of times, but who has the best timing in the second run. In case of ex aequo in the quarter and semifinal the comeback athlete is promoted (at Bassino it happened against Worley), however in the small and the big final the double medal is awarded.

Brignone, Bassino, Pirovano: Italian skiers in love with the sea between diving, freediving and surfing
Ice and where

The problem is that this time the red track gave a clear advantage, with a sadistic tinge: by choice of the jury, in the first descent, whoever had the worst qualifying time started on the blue track. A disadvantage? No, because those who started on the blue could take it easy, a lot he does not collect more than half a second and then had room for a comeback.

So here we go back to Federica furious, both on the formula and on the track: «I’ve never seen a race like this before. Then in Italy … A parallel you have to draw it straight, you can’t make it turn. Whoever lost the first heat takes at most half a second, but then in the second he can give even 7-8 tenths and those are counted. With these leads it was decisive, just look at what happened to Meillard against Zubcic. Has it happened to me too? Yup, pure a mand (in the fourth against Bassino, ed), but also to many others and to many others. Especially the women in the quarters did the same thing: they held for the second descent. We were here to play for medals, we were at a World Cup, not a Kaiser race: it’s not fair. And I’m sorry because whoever did the first heat on the blue track had virtually won. So, vaffa… ».

A moment to catch our breath and then the final show: “I have it with those who thought of this thing, not with the tracker. But if the track turns so differently, for a parallel: it’s not good and this situation is on my balls all the way. Today I am really angry and I don’t know if it will pass me ». Hard to blame her.

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