Sgambati: “The brightest period for the South was with De Gasperi who was northern”

twelve o’clock, February 16, 2021 – 09:30

The regional secretary of Uil: “Minister Carfagna will be judged on the facts, now it is premature since no one knows the guidelines”

of Patrizio Mannu

We have not resolved the southern question with decades of plans and interventions – often extraordinary – let alone if we succeed with the registry. The paradox is signed by Giovanni Sgambati, a life as a metalworker trade unionist, now the Uil secretary from Campania. “I find the social controversy over a northern-powered government tedious and low-key. As if the registry were the real card to play. If we look to the South, the interventions were more successful when men from the North thought them. And I also tell you why ».

Meanwhile, Sgambati, a minister from the South is there and is the Mara Carfagna bell. What do you think.
«Minister Carfagna will be judged on the facts, now he is premature since no one knows the guidelines. On his political record, well, he looks very respectable to me. And I believe that on that basis Draghi chose it ».

So, returning to the useless southern registry, where do you get this consideration from?
«Soon said. The greatest period of splendor in the South was during the twenty years of the Cassa per il Mezzogiorno. And who designed it and made it work? De Gasperi, a man from Trentino; Saraceno, from Sondrio, although with southern parents. That body had an idea of ​​governance in itself and included skills that produced the results we have under our eyes today.

It will agree that if a southern minister is not necessary for the South, he could become one for an exquisite political question: there are his votes.
«A fair reasoning, possible but without a future. The South is no longer a personal matter, it can no longer be a “workshop” of votes. It is a project that goes hand in hand with the development of Italy ».

What do you think about when you talk about the achievements with Casmez?
«Overcoming water backwardness, a more modern road network, the birth of industrial centers».

Since we are talking about the period from 1950 to the entire decade of the sixties, there is an element that is not there today. An overall desire for rebirth, leaving behind the “desert” caused by the war. Today some subsidy is fine, deserved or not, and who has seen has seen.
“And the mistake was precisely that of living off welfare; I understand the need for a fight against poverty, but in the end the old adage is true: better to give a fishing rod than a fish ».

Resolving the Southern question is raising the country system.
“There is no Italy without the South. They too must understand that € 100 invested by us, € 40 goes back to them ».

In conclusion, it seems that he is telling Carfagna to re-propose a Casmez.
“Why not? Of course, the one transported to today is impossible. But that idea of ​​governance of development processes based on very high competence is replicable. There are the conditions, there is a Europe that asks us for it also in the light of the Pandemic, after which it offers everyone a new beginning ».

February 16, 2021 | 09:30


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