The Pd mantra: ignore Bassolino. De Luca is looking for a unitary candidate

twelve o’clock, February 16, 2021 – 08:17

For the moment it still seems to hold the axis with the exponents of the M5S. The risk of the undersecretaries: from Valeria Valente to Gennaro Migliore and Sibilia

of Simona Brandolini

With the sub-government game still open, the Pd-5Stelle alliance is on standby. R.egge, for now, but the play button hasn’t been pressed yet. Not even Antonio Bassolino’s descent into the field gave the acceleration that many hoped for. Rather. The line of the national and local Democratic Party: no brawl, no conflict, we ignore Bassolino, certain that in the second round we will meet again. Phrase that to most today appears optimistic. Yesterday Nicola Oddati, national coordinator of the dem secretariat, organized a meeting on Naples and Turin with the regional and provincial secretaries of the party. And this is the mantra. Full speed ahead with the demostelle coalition. But the news is another. The president of the Region Vincenzo De Luca is also working on an alternative unitary candidacy to Bassolino, according to Santa Lucia. So De Luca is anything but at the window. As we told some time ago, he now has his hands free and can and wants to take care of Naples too. It seems to be understood that the Campania president has no problem making an alliance with the 5 Stars (blessed also by Bonavitacola in the last coalition meeting), he would have a few more to support a pure pentastellato candidate, for example Roberto Fico. Among other things, the President of the Chamber had placed the unity of the progressive broad field as a condition at the national summits of the DEM. Bassolino’s descent into the field shatters it. Not to mention that the president of Gesco, Sergio D’Angelo, could also run. In short, the pond is the same and there is no one who can work miracles of multiplying the votes. The compactness of the center-right will weigh on a decision.

Returning to De Luca, with his followers, therefore, he does not hide a marked preference for the two former ministers Gaetano Manfredi and Enzo Amendola. But the first would aim to lead the CNR. The second could re-enter the Draghi government as deputy minister. And it gives you more strength to aim for Palazzo San Giacomo. But in fact, until the sub-government game is closed, the administrative one will not really open. Which among other things, and the Roman rumors are becoming more and more insistent, could be postponed to the first week of October. An ice age. Where anything could happen.

But let’s stay today. From the government crisis and from the constitution of the Draghi executive, the forces that have emerged most weakened are, for different reasons, precisely the Pd and the 5Stelle. The eternal betrothed.

The dem have not only been forced to undergo the Renzian crisis, but are now in full psychodrama for the legitimate grievances of the democrats made outside the ministries. And therefore mainly women should be appointed in the sub-government. At least what the secretary Nicola Zingaretti promised. According to this scheme, the candidate bells in the running should be Senator Valeria Valente for Justice and Orlandiana Camilla Sgambato for Education. If there should be room for political areas, then, the name of Nicola Oddati is also mentioned, who, to tell the truth, would not even disdain the race for mayor.

In Italy Viva, on the other hand, there is talk of the return of Gennaro Migliore, former undersecretary of justice in the Renzi government.

Even more complex is the game played in the 5Stelle field. Literally imploded. The numbers of dissent are increasing by the hour. The pentastellate chats tell of a basis far removed from the governing movement of the Fico and Di Maio. Even in the numerous Campania troops in Parliament there are those who oscillate between abstention (to avoid expulsion) and no to the Draghi government: from Vincenzo Presutto to Vilma Moronese, to Margherita Del Sesto, Fabio Di Micco, to Giovanni Russo, Virginia Villani, Luisa Angrisani.

Instead, there are those who aspire to a role of government. Angelo Tofalo and Carlo Sibilia should respectively be reconfirmed Undersecretaries for Defense and the Interior, even if the former risks more. Andrea Cioffi from Salerno, a candidate until recently under-secretary for Infrastructures, under accusation as vice-president of the group in the Senate. And Luigi Gallo, who headed the Culture Commission, shouldn’t do it either. Salvatore Micillo should return to the environment. It is not known whether the outgoing minister Vincenzo Spadafora will play a role and among the new entries there is also the Campania facilitator Luigi Iovino.

February 16, 2021 | 08:17


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