Ronaldo bad, Bentancur distracted, Alex Sandro ambushed-

These are the Juventus report cards after the 1-2 defeat at Porto in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16:
The suicide brings him to the end Bentancur, but he could have avoided favoring him by not giving that ball in an area crowded by Navigli at spritz time. He adds a questionable postponement on Oliveira’s feet. And on doubling, even closely, he gets drilled on his pole.

Locked behind, it doesn’t spare some rough intervention.

5,5De Ligt
Start uncertain, with carelessness and do it miles from the door, then settle down. For, on the encore of the Port, he too licked.

Serataccia: a loose interception, a Barry Bonds pass (home run record holder) and the ko in the calf.

4,5Alex Sandro
Often very lonely on the left, as if he were in quarantine, but a little struggling to activate it quickly, a little he gets forested. And the doubling hole opens in its parts: one of the first who dozes off.

Already among the least worst, he does not give up and, with a nice platter, scores the goal that keeps Juve alive.

First time trying some of his breaks, but without finding the space and time. Recovery in crescendo, with fugue on the left and precise (and not simple) assist for Chiesa.

The bignamino of what is forbidden to do: receive the ball carefree in the middle of the area and touch it to the goalkeeper, with great lightness and no-look pass.

More vagabond than invader this time, with the feeling of not knowing where to go.

Combine very little.

Bad, despite the almost penalty on the gong.

In the action of the second Portuguese goal, one of many badly arranged on the map.

It does not shoot at the target, but with stroke and weight it gives a sense to the advanced offensives.

Epochal mistakes of the players, but if you take a goal at the beginning of the first half and allow the replay in the second, you have a guilt contest. Above all, one cannot think of going out with Bentancur receiving his back to the door: that can be done by Arthur. Or, even now, Pirlo.

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