«Supermarkets, too many rules amplify the crisis. Amazon plays another game »- Corriere.it

The ambition (and the request) that Italy emulate the United States: President Biden has just appointed a minister of commerce and public exercises. The pandemic is shaking the dimension of the relationship between businesses and consumers. Global players like Amazon play with other rules. And then I say: we need at least a Deputy Minister of Development to bear the theme. Large-scale distribution is worth 240 billion in turnover per year, produces 33 billion in added value, in recent years has cubed 4 billion in investments, employs one million people. I have faith in the new minister Giorgetti but the decisive moment.

Admitting that Mise has many dossiers on industry (from Alitalia to Ilva to Stellantis): but the League historically claims to want to protect traders.

I have faith in the new government – replies Francesco Pugliese at the helm of Conad which has become the country’s leading brand in volumes – but I rarely have to deal with politicians who are aware of how strategic the entire food supply chain and large-scale distribution are. For example, homogeneity of interventions is immediately needed. The tangle of rules, often on a regional or provincial basis, should be archived once and for all by putting hand to title V of the Constitution. And then let me be critical of the anti-assembly interventions. We keep shopping centers closed on weekends and also non-food departments for what reason?

To keep the epidemiological curve at bay.

In reverse. The chronicles of these days tell us that it is the historic centers that risk becoming hotbeds. In shopping centers there are already obsessive anti-crowd measures and constant sanitation interventions. We would not like to find ourselves in lockdown again by containing where it is not needed.

Draghi has identified two new ministries on transition (ecological and digital): both will inevitably deal with trade. What do you expect from Cingolani and Colao?

Simplifications. Crossing with the Treasury and Development. By encouraging investments in digital technology and to reduce the energy footprint of the entire supply chain which inevitably also passes through road transport. And then we need a shot on the tax authorities on which I believe Draghi will represent an authoritative interlocutor in Europe to build a uniform taxation between physical and digital operators. Otherwise we are heading towards a desertification of trade in the cities. A social massacre and a heavy impact on gross domestic product.

Nothing against them. But they use consumer data for advertising, they make high profits that don’t fall into the countries where they are produced. Unacceptable. And also on ecommerce let me say that growing volumes are incompatible with a consistent reduction of the environmental impact. Delivery on an unsustainable day.

And then the double-down auctions of some operators.

Discounters have a small assortment with low to medium quality products. Which are purchased with competitive pressure on the supply chain and in the context of non-long-term relationships with suppliers.

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